Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #44 - Making The Origins of Gielinor

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Making the Origins of Gielinor
[00:08] This week Behind the Scenes takes a look at the making of RuneScape's first motion comic: The Origins of Gielinor.
[00:14] Before we find out how Bertha got involved, Senior Narrative Designer, Mod Osborne, tells us how the idea came about in the first place.
[00:22] As we were developing the world wakes it became increasingly clear that we had something big, fantastic that was really worth making a fuss over,
[00:27] but equally we had a number of characters and a lot of back story that needed to be explained
[00:32] so we decided to come up with a potted history of Gielinor and the best format for that, we felt, was the motion comic so we created 'The origins of Gielinor'
[00:39] We have a really fantastic illustrator on our team and we've got an audio team who are always excited about trying new things
[00:45] so we thought we'd give it a go we'd go for bringing the motion comic to life.
[00:49] The Origins of Gielinor
[00:52] Coming from a background in film and animation and doing comics and manga and moving into illustration
[01:02] I jumped at the opportunity when I was presented with this project because it felt like tying in everything that I love into one great epic project.
[01:13] Given that this was the first time we were seeing Guthix his design came as a surprise to me as well
[01:19] because I'd only seen him in his ultimate god form and yeah it was a surprise seeing him when he was much younger his more humanoid form.
[01:28] His reveal was actually quite important, there were a few scenes where we did actually have him from close up and you saw his face.
[01:35] We decided to cut that because we wanted to make it as suspenseful and have a big impact as possible.
[01:43] It went from like very very rough quick thumbnails that nobody except the person doing it would probably be able to decipher to then coming up with neater storyboards.
[01:53] We started looking into different versions, different angles on how we could approach each scene
[02:00] and from that I created an animatic done to a very rough soundtrack provided by Mod Adam R
[02:07] which we actually had one of the internal staff just do a voice over for us so we could time it.
[02:13] From then on I was just taking it a step forward by taking each scene, timing it better, drawing it up a bit better.
[02:23] The way I approached this motion comic was that I wanted to have a lot of camera movement,
[02:28] give it a lot of scope in terms of tracking and panning and trying to get as much out of every single illustration as possible.
[02:37] Once we had the timing of the animatic pretty much nailed down it was just a matter of handing it down to Mod Adam to do the sound effects and the music.
[02:46] I've been working very closely with Nusha and the creative services guys trying to shape the overall experience of it.
[02:55] So it wasn't just a mash of sound and music and noise. So that it was carefully thought out and timed and placed.
[03:02] We have an incredible amount of work gone into the sound effects, battles scenes, ambiances and special effects.
[03:09] The initial sound pass took three hours and then I spent a further two weeks just going back and redoing stuff
[03:15] I was trying to have a theme or a thread running through the whole video so
[03:23] if there was a lot of gravel and stone in the first scene the following one I'd use a lot of rock smashes and things.
[03:30] Last year Mark was parking Bertha, the APC, our tank, and I just heard this enormous rumbling coming through my wall.
[03:40] I dash outside point it at the exhaust whilst he's reversing so he's there overheating the engine.
[03:47] Rather than just some sign tone I'll go and I'll use...the tank for a planet as it stutters past the screen with a heavy rumble.
[04:01] It was clear from the first draft that we were getting something special and dually from the players we've received a lot of overwhelmingly positive feedback on it.
[04:08] I know that we've got big stories to tell in the coming year so I really think you can expect something along the lines of 'Origins of Gielinor' in the future.
[04:17] If you like your Behind the Scenes then hold on to your helmets as next week there's not one but two Behind the Scenes for your viewing pleasure.
[04:24] Chris L tells us about the upcoming Wildy Warbands, but before that,
[04:28] RuneScape's Executive Producer Mod Pips will be along to announce something pretty special. Oh yes.