Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #43 - Combat, the Evolution Continues (EoC)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind The Scenes
Combat - The evolution continues
[00:08] The evolution of combat continues with more player inspired updates and tweaks coming to RuneScape.
[00:13] Paul M sat down with Mods Chris L, Avatar and C3DPO and began by asking about the Momentum ability.
[00:21] So momentum is almost like combat light, for people that don't want all the fuss of having to try hard for combat.
[00:26] Just want to click to kill and you've been making some changes yeah?
[00:28] Yeah indeed to make this even easier you'll no longer need to build the adrenaline bar up.
[00:33] It's going to become a toggle ability like Incite.
[00:35] I will say now it is more efficient to use EoC and the ability bars.
[00:39] Cool so those people who actually make the effort to
[00:41] Yeah they're been rewarded for doing so, yeah and I wouldn't advise using momentum at bosses.
[00:46] You're making a chance to dual wielding weapons so can you just tell us first of all what's the thinking behind that?
[00:51] When the first iteration of the system went out something was a bit off in the balancing and it's made 2 handers ridiculously powerful.
[00:59] We're happy with them being like that so rather than pulling 2 hander's down to the level of dual wield
[01:04] we thought we'd pull dual wield up to 2 hander's so that dual wield will have the nice damage output that 2 handers are seeing at the moment.
[01:11] Ok and what about hybrid dual wielding is that something that we're going to see?
[01:16] Yeah the magic changes that we've done you'll be able to truly dual wield anything that you want,
[01:22] you can have any kind of combination of the different styles now.
[01:26] Dual Wielding in magic worked awkwardly before, we're reworked at so you can actually truly dual cast now.
[01:32] You can have a main hand and an offhand spell which has allowed us to make wads and magic books
[01:37] work the same way as main and off hand melee or ranged weapons.
[01:40] I know that you've also been working on magic abilities too.
[01:43] Gigamafligg on the forums has said that current mage abilities like detonate and tsunami suck
[01:47] and that point is backed up by Kaivannainen who wants to know what your plans are on magic ability damage?
[01:52] Magic used to work in a different way to melee and ranged.
[01:56] With the update that's just gone out recently we completely reworked magic to use the same system as melee and ranged
[02:04] so the ability damage and stuff that's coming from magic is the same as what's coming from melee and ranged
[02:10] so it should be as effective as the other 2 styles now.
[02:12] So I saw a post from Georgica on the forums who thinks that the combat is now more based
[02:16] on the equipment that they're wielding rather than the levels they're taking into a fight?
[02:20] Yeah so we agreed and one of the big points of feedback that came from our meetings was this point specifically
[02:26] so we're made it that your levels have a greater influence on your chance to hit and the damage you deal.
[02:30] We're looking at updating the hit chances so that your actual skill levels mean a lot more
[02:35] so they carry a lot more in the hit chances as well as your equipment.
[02:38] We're bringing back like the attack, range and magic stats actually influencing your chance to hit,
[02:43] at the moment they're sort of pushed to the side if you've got a really good weapon,
[02:45] you don't get the status as much where as this is going to bring this back to the forefront,
[02:49] you should notice the difference when you boost your stat.
[02:51] I know you've also been working on potions and overloads?
[02:54] We're making stats count a lot more.
[02:55] So technically now when you boost your stats it means a lot more as well
[03:00] so again the difference between overloading in the live game right now isn't that great but it does make a tiny difference,
[03:05] but post release you're going to see that having that potion on you for five minutes can make a significant impact.
[03:11] Ok so after the EoC you removed bonuses from armor,
[03:15] the strength bonus being removed from the bandos chest plate is one particular example that I read about.
[03:20] Why did you remove the bonuses from armor?
[03:22] So originally the idea would be with the rework we'd look at making armor purely defensive.
[03:28] In the future in fact actually in about a month's time hopefully you'll be seeing the first iteration of the new armor system
[03:33] which will be the choice between pure defensive armor
[03:37] or something that sacrifices some defense and some life points for offensive bonuses.
[03:42] Ok that sounds like it could relate to something I saw on a whiteboard the other day which was critical caps.
[03:46] On a lot of the bosses out there you'll notice this especially if you're using berserk, you'll constantly hit the cap on bosses.
[03:51] Also this is worse on certain ultimate's as well that do a percentage of the health base. So have you taken away the caps?
[03:58] Yeah I removed it the other day so in the same situation Dean just described
[04:03] you should see a lot more tastier numbers, ultimate's should be much more worth the pay off.
[04:07] Ok onto monsters now. Are there any plans to revisit balancing of monsters around combat?
[04:13] I've got a thread on the forums and I'm looking at some specific cases based on some player feedback I've been getting.
[04:19] Ok so if you've got any feedback there's a link at the bottom of the screen now and you can click on that.
[04:24] Cool now one thing the CM guys have raised is adrenaline stalling.
[04:28] There's been a few questions about it being a bug.
[04:30] So this is basically where you keep your adrenaline bar up by doing certain abilities.
[04:34] We don't mind people doing it. It seems like a bit of a weird way that people are doing it at the moment
[04:38] so what we'd quite like to do in the future is maybe look at integrating it into the system more and maybe have it as more of a feature.
[04:44] Ok so just before we wrap it up is there anything else new that's coming that you want to tell us about?
[04:49] Well we've got some new abilities coming next week so we've got 2 new mage basics and 2 new range basics.
[04:56] These are being brought in to help bolster the rotations hat people have for mage and range.
[05:03] And once that's done is that us done with combat rework?
[05:06] No, no like I said there's another significant update planned for April hopefully,
[05:12] with the new armor system the differentiation there and also the changes to hit chances we've been talking about
[05:18] so hopefully you'll see your stats play a much bigger contribution in the very near future.
[05:22] And all of us are manning the forum as well we're looking at those issues
[05:25] bringing them straight to the guys in dev and design so we can address them as quickly as possible for you.
[05:30] Well I guess you better get back to it that EoC's not going to tweak itself so thanks very much and see you soon
[05:35] And as more player feedback is worked into the EoC, behind the scenes will be there to bring you the details.
[05:42] "The Origins of Gielinor" tells the story leading up to the epic quest "the world wakes".
[05:46] Next week we go behind the scenes to look at the art and sound behind the motion comic