Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #42 - The World Wakes

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
The World Wakes
[00:07] I hope you're sitting comfortably as this week Behind the Scenes finally talks to Mods Ana and Osborne
[00:13] about what could be the most important quest you've ever played,
[00:16] and don't worry: there's not a plot spoiler in sight.
[00:20] The World Wakes is a massive grand master quest.
[00:23] it's probably the biggest storyline update we've ever done.
[00:26] We've gone for Guthix as the subject matter and the first age.
[00:30] You're entering an excavation with Orlando Smith
[00:32] and he thinks this is the original home of Guthix,
[00:35] so you're really going to delve into RuneScape's history, learn a lot about the gods,
[00:39] perhaps even where gods come from.
[00:40] The gods is a subject matter we haven't really talked about in RuneScape,
[00:43] they've always been on the periphery, not really been explained or seen.
[00:47] You kind of go side by side through this ancient site,
[00:51] through room after room finding out more about Guthix's secrets.
[00:55] Eventually you and Orlando come to an artifact,
[00:58] something that very much represents Guthix and that we've talked about before,
[01:01] which is the butterfly.
[01:02] You get to touch it, and that triggers something that will have ramifications across the whole world.
[01:07] There's all these alarms going off for a security system, essentially,
[01:10] but then what happens beyond that is very exciting.
[01:13] I can't say too much about it.
[01:15] You may have noticed that Orlando's already in game. He's at is excavation site near Legends Guild.
[01:20] We've completely reworked him. He's got this kind of gruff Australian look to him.
[01:24] So if you haven't spoken to him you should pop over and he'll tell you a bit about what's going on.
[01:28] We're kind of painting him very much like the Sean Connery figure in Last Crusade,
[01:31] somebody who has had a life passion project, built up a book of ideas of where one single location might be,
[01:36] an excavation site, and now he's getting to fulfill that passion; he's going there and he has found it.
[01:41] He's on his last legs at the museum, and this could kind of make or break his career.
[01:44] And you are there to push open the doors to this place that hasn't been opened since the first age, thousands of years.
[01:49] As well as Orlando, existing players will recognize a few other characters.
[01:53] We're going to bring in the Guardians of Guthix.
[01:55] We're going to introduce a couple more Guardians, who you might not know about,
[01:58] or did not know that they were Guardians.
[01:59] So we've got Chaeldar, who is the slayer master for faeries,
[02:03] and also Death, who I'm really excited about.
[02:06] He's always been a Guardian of Guthix, but we haven't revealed that much about him before.
[02:09] so he's quite an interesting Guardian of Guthix because he's not as friendly as the other ones perhaps are.
[02:15] He's got his own view on balance.
[02:17] We do have some new characters in there.
[02:20] They are automatons, and they are almost kind of a security force.
[02:25] Of course, they've been lying dormant for a very long time,
[02:27] so they don't really know what's going on with the world,
[02:30] and when the player enters, they're clearly going to see you as a threat.
[02:32] They do surprise you at one point in the quest.
[02:35] You kind of walk into an area, and they all come from the walls, as it were.
[02:38] So when Guthix lived here, he would have needed a defence,
[02:41] so he has these creatures that are like a balance between technology and nature.
[02:45] And I think that really suits Guthix, that balance of human endeavor and nature,
[02:49] and gets his harmony and really nails it.
[02:51] If I revealed their real purpose, I feel like I'd be ruining the quest,
[02:56] but suffice to say, they are very important to the entire history of RuneScape.
[03:01] I've always been interested in the lore and story aspects of RuneScape,
[03:04] so when I was given this quest to work on, I was really, really happy.
[03:08] Previously, we'd release a minigame and it would have its own story;
[03:11] we'd release a skill update, and it would have its own story, if any story at all.
[03:14] What this will do is: it will likely infuse and colour every single piece of content we produce.
[03:21] I've got a big toy box full of subjects, characters and events that I want to use that will rely on this content being out.
[03:27] I'm really excited for you all to experience it.
[03:30] So we've done the requirements for this quest differently.
[03:32] Usually, especially with grand masters, we have a lot of high level skill and quest requirements.
[03:37] The only requirement to do the quest is level 140 combat.
[03:41] With this quest, it's really so important that we wanted as many people to play it as possible.
[03:45] So we're not going to remove the requirements for every quest in the future,
[03:48] but what is important and what is to grasp from this is that we are interested in making all future story accessible.
[03:56] We really want everyone playing those big storylines.
[03:59] So by having the quest with very few requirements, just the combat requirement,
[04:02] it means we can do things on a much grander scale and we don't have to put it behind a lot of barriers.
[04:07] We want everybody to enjoy it, so we're going to keep it at 140,
[04:10] and add some additional requirements for some of the rewards.
[04:13] With a grandmaster quest that really starts off a new storyline,
[04:17] the rewards have to be representative of that: they've just got to be big; they've got to be strong.
[04:21] You've got a massive chunk of XP and some new items.
[04:24] You've also got 5 new combat abilities. and they're all ultimate abilities, so they look really cool.
[04:28] If you've done the suggested quests, you also get a new title,
[04:32] and a new Slayer area, so you've got a new Slayer task there.
[04:35] I can reveal that the Slayer creatures drop a really cute little pet called Cresbot,
[04:39] and he's essentially like a mini version of the automatons.
[04:42] So I've got to summarize The World Wakes in one word? Uh...
[04:48] I would probably say unpredictable.
[04:54] The quest is really on a scale we haven't seen before in RuneScape.
[04:57] It's got combat, it's got big boss battles, it's got new puzzles, it's got world changing choices.
[05:03] It has lore. It has characters you come to know and love.
[05:06] It's got exploration, it's got a sense of adventure, it's got great rewards.
[05:10] I think everybody is going to love this quest.
[05:13] You don't want to read about this on the forums,
[05:15] you don't want to have anyone spoil it for you.
[05:17] You will really kick yourself if you don't play this first. You really don't want to miss out.
[05:21] I've got it: bombastic.
[05:24] RuneScape's combat has been a hot topic for quite a while now,
[05:28] and as another raft of fighty updates ready themselves for action,
[05:31] Behind the Scenes step up to investigate further.