Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #41 - RuneScape 2007 Servers

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
2007 Servers
[00:08] With 2007 servers coming to Runescape there's a change to this week's behind the scenes as we catch up with Jagex CEO, Mark Gerhard, and Monkey.
[00:18] So Mark what is it that prompted you to ask the players whether they wanted to bring back a 2007 server?
[00:24] We didn't want to promise anything we knew we couldn't deliver and once we actually found a backup,
which in truth had a bit of luck to it too, we thought it only right to gauge the actual interest around this.
[00:37] So we're a week into voting now, how do you feel it's been going?
[00:40] We've just gone over the 250,000 votes so far which is awesome but this is still only a fraction of the members
[00:46] To put this into an imaginary situation if there were no more votes, what current support would people be getting today?
[00:52] Having just got over 250,000 votes there would be a small team to do maintenance on the servers
[00:58] and very basic bug fixes and the occasional additional content that the community has voted for.
[01:04] So if we managed to hit the magic target of 750,000 votes, what's that going to mean for the player?
[01:09] We'll certainly have free game worlds back and a significant development team that will basically continue to develop that game in parallel.
[01:16] Does that mean that people's membership will actually cover the free 2007 servers as well?
[01:21] Absolutely, and actually in fact if we see 500,000 votes there won't be any additional membership fee either.
[01:27] We've seen so much activity from the community veterans reengaging, the team are trying to match that dedication, passion
[01:34] by working round the clock to bring these servers back as soon as we can.
[01:38] It should be today.
[01:40] Really? Today?
[01:42] Yes, we're hoping everyone can have early access from today.
[01:45] That's amazing, so 2007 is actually available to play today.
[01:49] We're hoping these veteran players that have asked for this and voted for this will come back and make the game special again.
[01:55] Ok, so for players that really want us to hit that 750,000 mark what's your advice?
[02:01] Get out there and vote naturally it's up to the community to decide.
[02:05] Really, it's as simple as that? Just vote?
[02:08] It's as simple as that!
[02:11] Monkey agrees.
[02:14] Next week behind the scenes talks to Mod Ana and Osborne about that incredibly top secret sequel to 'While Guthix sleeps': 'The World Wakes'.
[02:23] I'd make sure you're sitting down for that one.