Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #40 - CM's new face for 2013

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] Community Management are the guys who take your feedback
directly to the RuneScape Dev team,
[00:12] they're also the guys asking for a beating in next week's event
so we asked what the guys are up too.
[00:18] Our next CM event is gonna be the Clan Wars
which is gonna be a massive free for all,
[00:23] where the community and Jmods come together.
Kinda just have a free for all death match, which will be great fun.
[00:28] We do these kind of events regularly. Almost every week we'll have an event
that you can find on the events forum.
[00:33] We've done this before it was really successful
with Mod Sabre and Mod Zac.
[00:36] So you can head over to the Gamers' Grotto near Falador
where we'll be waiting for you outside the white Clan Wars portal.
[00:41] There's gonna be loads of skirmish matches,
death flying everywhere
[00:44] and plus you'll be able to tackle us
and see if you can take me down personally.
[00:46] You can find out more information on Facebook
[00:51] We'll link you to the thread a couple of days before the actual event
so you can organize strategies, so on and so forth.
[00:56] We've got a Campfire starting in the next couple of weeks.
[00:58] The thing that's great about the Campfires it gives people
a live opportunity to ask the questions
[01:03] they want to ask about the issues
we're talking about on that day.
[01:06] It's probably as close as you can get to a real life conversation
with people who are behind the scenes making the game.
[01:15] So working in the Video Production team means that we get to work
with Community Management a great deal.
[01:19] Obviously RuneCast is something that
we did the season of to try it out last year.
[01:23] We're getting a lot more involved
working together now to really up the ante.
[01:27] I've been lucky enough to work in games for quite a while now.
[01:30] I've actually been working for a number of well known companies
for just about as long as RuneScape's been around.
[01:35] My opinion is people are people
no matter what game they play,
[01:38] and that looking after those people
is really important for us.
[01:42] We listen to the communities feedback
whether it being the good or the bad.
[01:45] We're responsible for making sure we monitor
all the channels of social media that we employ.
[01:51] We do the fan sites, the forums, events, social media.
[01:55] Facebook, see what they're saying on Facebook,
look on Twitter, look on Google+, look on Readit.
[02:01] You know we're looking everywhere as much as we can.
[02:02] That's pretty much everything that comes out
of the Runescape Community.
[02:05] The thing we do the most is listen to the RuneScape Community,
that's our main orientation.
[02:08] We're here to do a job and that's what we love doing.
[02:11] So I work with the fansites on a daily basis arranging tournaments
and competitions with them, I also take care of RuneScape events.
[02:17] I focus mainly on the Video Club and social media.
I love my job cos that's what it is I deal in Youtube.
[02:23] From player feedback we've received a lot of comments saying
they want to see a machinima competition.
[02:28] I'm going to give them that.
[02:30] I also take care of Players' Gallery.
[02:34] That's something I would say is my love.
My little project that I love the most.
[02:40] A lot of people are really interested
in the best way to contact us.
[02:43] You can use Twitter that's one of them,
that's certainly the one I recommend,
[02:46] but also there's Facebook and the forum.
[02:48] I talk to a lot of people on there, really friendly.
[02:51] I'm quite open and I have a lot of laughs,
so please come and join me I enjoy the chats.
[02:56] One of the things I've been talking to the team about
particularly recently is RuneFest
[03:00] and we're really excited about it.
It's something we're really passionate about.
[03:04] So we didn't do RuneFest last year which was a shame,
but that means we're gotten even more energy for this year.
[03:09] And we've learnt so much from the first two RuneFests,
we've had so much feedback from players.
[03:13] We're really confident that this year's RuneFest
is going to be like something you've never seen.
[03:17] We can do it bigger, better than it's ever been done before.
[03:20] And one of the things we want to do is
to take ideas from the community really use them.
[03:25] So there is a RuneFest forum
and you can expect posts on that from us pretty soon.
[03:30] Rich is a fantastic addition to the team.
Seeing him direct Community Management is a joy to behold.
[03:34] The things that he's got planned are going to revolutionize the community
and the way the community interact with the company.
[03:40] The whole team look really energized, I know that 2013 is something they're all been really
planning and looking forward to for some time now, and now we're finally in it.
[03:46] It's a really exciting time really looking forward to seeing
what they've got up their sleeves.
[03:50] The storyline for The World Wakes has been one of the most
closely guarded secrets around the Jagex Studio ever.
[03:56] Even now knowledge is on a strictly need to know basis,
but BTS needs to know
[04:02] so with no spoilers what so ever we get into
what could be the most important quest you'll ever play.