Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #3 - Fish Flingers & Combat Abilities

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Behind the Scenes
Fish Flingers and Combat
[00:05] On this edition of RuneScape Behind The Scenes
[00:07] Mod Chris L and Mod Hunter
[00:09] take us into the test servers
[00:11] for a sneak peek at the Evolution of Combat.
[00:13] But first, the popular Distraction and Diversion Fish Flingers is back
[00:17] and has been updated,
[00:19] So let's delve into what's new.
[00:21] When you teleport to "Isla Anglerine" for the fishing competition,
[00:24] you'll have to choose your bait, weights and tackle carefully
[00:27] in order to catch the rarest RuneScape aquatic life
[00:30] and take home 1st prize.
[00:32] You'll notice straight away that fishermen now have their own unique appearances
[00:36] and are a lot easier to find.
[00:38] Competitions now take "plaice" every 20 minutes
[00:41] replacing the previous 90 minute intervals
[00:43] and you can now claim tickets from fishermen every day.
[00:46] Competitions are now snappier than ever, lasting 10 minutes,
[00:50] and the interface is fresher featuring countdown timers, tooltips and simplified fish weighing.
[00:55] You can even work with your friends to catch bigger fish and net greater rewards.
[00:59] Luckily, you won't need a bigger boat.
[01:02] Fishing XP has also been rebalanced and you'll now need
[01:05] a level 5 tackle box in order to wear your completionist cape.
[01:08] You can tackle this D&D's new update
[01:10] and see its list of full features
[01:12] when it launches on the 6th June.
[01:16] Behind the Scenes
Evolution of Combat
[01:20] Now it's time for Mod Chris L and Mod Hunter
[01:23] to show you just some of the range of combat abilities on offer
[01:26] when the Evolution of Combat launches later this year.
[01:28] So, here we're about to jump into combat again.
[01:31] That's a terrible pun, I told him not to say it, there we go.
[01:36] That's quite a cool ability, we got some movement related stuff so,
[01:40] you can fly across the map now, well, fly is a bit of an overstatement
[01:44] but you can move very fast.
[01:46] Let's just say jump and escape abilities
[01:49] so you can get out the way of your enemy.
[01:51] There we go, nice attack to the stomach there,
[01:54] I think he's bleeding out...
[01:56] Yeah we've got a few bleed effects at the moment
[01:59] just a bit of extra damage over time,
[02:01] a bit like poison but not quite as long lasting.
[02:04] Yeah, and you'll see here we've got the two handed abilities,
[02:08] you can see the guy is holding the weapon differently,
[02:10] he's got more of an aggressive stance over his shoulder.
[02:12] All of these graphics need a crazy amount of 'anims' for this...
[02:17] And they all marry up pretty well.
[02:19] Yeah, like some of these that have just played,
[02:22] some of the crazy 'anims' that we've got like
[02:24] this big green wave coming off of your sword as you slash it,
[02:28] doing huge amounts of damage.
[02:29] Here's another AoE one...
[02:31] If there were more enemies around the guy in Dragon,
[02:34] it would be taking way more damage than you are...
[02:37] in Castle Wars and whatnot, you can do a load of damage.
[02:40] Yeah, especially in some of the test squares that we've used in testing
[02:45] we've got big blocks of NPCs
[02:46] and we just decimate them all in seconds.
[02:49] Though they do have a small amount of HP...
[02:52] There you go, nice kick to the er...
[02:55] That's the spinney attack someone spotted that on the forums.
[02:59] I've seen the guys talking about the icons
[03:01] and someone guessed correctly that that was some sort of whirlwind AoE attack.
[03:05] I've seen some people posting who were much further off though.
[03:10] Oh. we're on ranged now, what is he doing...?
[03:14] He's stunning his target.
[03:16] I love that because the character crouches down
[03:18] and hits him in the ankles... There you go.
[03:20] He was also doing the one that is currently named "Snipe Ray".
[03:26] He just holds the bow for a long time
[03:28] before letting go to have a more accurate shot
[03:30] I love that, it's so simple but the way he lines it up
[03:33] and he does a dangerous shot doesn't it?
[03:34] Yeah, it just looks so much different.
[03:38] Oh, that one's so cool as well...
[03:40] It's like fire an arrow rain into the sky and it crashes down
[03:43] on your opponent like an ice barrage for range...
[03:47] Oh, jumping back...
[03:49] ... saves hiding behind rocks.....
[03:53] Poor guy's always stunned in these videos.
[03:56] And now we're back onto magic...
[03:57] for plenty more stunning...
[03:59] Keeping at a distance. You don't have to hide cheekily behind walls and whatnot.
[04:03] He's got his Back To The Future you might have just spotted there.
[04:07] I think the graphic's guy's a fan too...
[04:09] And he's now set him on fire....
[04:13] Poor guy just spends his life stunned.
[04:16] Yeah, especially with the choker... another stunning attack...
[04:19] Ah, that was terrible...
[04:23] Oh... Nothing wrong with breathing fire at your opponent.
[04:26] So, that was does like a frontal cone,
[04:28] so, if there was more NPCs or players around,
[04:30] it spreads it across like a bigger group.
[04:33] Poor guy's stunned again.
[04:35] This is why melee loses to mage....
[04:38] And now he's on fire again.
[04:40] I think we've got something good coming up, here we go...
[04:44] Ah yeah, the big... just man on fire.
[04:47] You'll have seen this plenty in some of the concept work
[04:50] that we've already shown off but we'll not tell you
[04:54] what he's actually doing until later videos.
[04:56] But for now, he's just looking awesome.
[05:05] A squirrel just in the cross fire.
[05:08] Oh, there's that attack that goes around corners as well...
[05:10] I saw that...
[05:12] If we had multiple NPCs
[05:14] then it could actually jump around the corners at the moment
[05:17] but we've only got the one punch bag.
[05:18] Oh yes, this poor guy.
[05:20] The one NPC we always test our combat stuff on.
[05:23] He's got like 10k hit points
[05:25] and he just goes down every day, all the time.
[05:28] He's been hit more than anything in game, probably.
[05:31] Poor guy...
[05:39] Breathing fire again just doesn't get old...
[05:43] I think we're about to see a big ultimate attack.
[05:47] We've got three levels of ability now,
[05:49] like the basics which unlock the thresholds
[05:52] which do stuff like interesting damage and bleeds
[05:55] and then "Ultimates" which I think we're about to see...
[05:58] Yeah, we're just going to see one of them
[06:01] but, you won't see any more until some later videos,
[06:03] which we'll be posting in the coming weeks.
[06:06] There it is...
[06:07] That's all from Behind The Scenes this week.
[06:09] Join us next week when Chris L and Mod Hunter
[06:12] talk us through combat's buffs and weaknesses
[06:14] and we'll take a look at the "Crucible".
[06:16] If you think you know Bounty Hunter,
[06:18] catch the next video and prepare to think again!