Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #39 - Demon Contracts

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Demon Contracts
[00:07] This week Behind the Scenes reaches new heights as new tasks and new graphics come to the Slayer Tower.
[00:13] RuneScape's biggest mouth tells us more.
[00:17] The slayer tower goes back to the 2nd age when Zaros was at his prime.
When he was battling Saradomin fighting over Forinthry.
[00:24] It dates back so it dates back thousands of years.
We've done a little bit of work in trying to give it some origin to the slayer tower.
[00:29] So we've looked into giving it to Viggora who was one of the Zarosian Generals and the only human General that he had.
[00:36] So Viggora found that he was kind of picked on by the Mahjarrat, the Dragon Riders in that they really didn't believe the humans were capable of anything.
[00:42] So he built this tower in Morytania as a way of showing that humans were could really achieve something,
[00:47] then became known as Viggora's folly because as soon as he built it it started sinking into the swamps of Morytania
[00:52] so when you get into the Tower you'll see that many of the levels are below sea level as it were.
[00:56] We really treat story with a degree of seriousness. We want players to come to RuneScape and feel they can find out more and they can delve into that history of RuneScape
[01:03] and really absorb and immerse themselves in it and that's what a lot of the new quests you'll see coming up will deal with.
[01:09] Slayer tower is a large slayer area in the North of Morytania where we house the biggest and the worst of the slayer creatures,
[01:15] level 5 Crawling hands all the way up to level 85 Abyssal Demons.
[01:19] We tried to do more with topography with RuneScape, really trying to get to the height of things.
[01:23] For instance with One Piecing Note you have the height of the Abbey, you go up and look down and it looks really high and impressive.
[01:29] That continued with the Dominion Tower, the Wizards Tower and now with the Slayer Tower which you can get to the top level
[01:34] and look down and see the multiple levels that sit below you, you get a sense of vertigo, well at least I would.
[01:39] We've added an extra layer that requires 71 agility to get to but you can fight more Gargoyles and more Abyssal Demons there so you're not fighting over resources.
[01:46] There is a new character at the foot of the tower called Markus, he's gone to Morytania to make his reputation as a hero.
[01:53] Now he's got there and has realised he's not quite got the skills so he's going to pay you to make his reputation and he's give you some rewards.
[01:59] Now he'll give you a choice of small and big contracts, these contracts are very similar to the slayer challenges for the Tzhaar creatures.
[02:08] But the difference here is they are localised to the Slayer Tower and there are a number of kills you have to make of a creature type
[02:14] if you fulfil that you'll get slayer xp throughout that task, but you'll also get a choice of combat xp or coins once you have completed that.
[02:22] Even better, if you have a slayer task to take you to the Slayer Tower, get a contract from Markus beforehand and it will give you that boost on top of your slayer xp.
[02:32] There is no limited to the number of contracts you can do in a day so if you wanted to camp out in the slayer tower and kill banshee after crawling hand please do.
[02:38] So when it comes out, I recommend that you got up to the top and have a look down through the hole in the middle of the slayer tower and really take in the whole of the dungeon,
[02:44] possibly look for the journals and get a sense of Viggora and the story of the dungeon
[02:48] and then just take out some contracts get a bit of xp and cash for yourself.
[02:53] Next week we meet up with Community Management to hear what life is like in the team,
[02:57] find out exactly what happens to all your feedback and discover why they're so excited for 2013.