Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #38 - Dungeoneering D&D

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Sink Holes
[00:07] Behind the scenes asked J-mods to give us
a demo of next week's update, Sink Holes.
[00:12] The video they sent us wasn't quite what we expected...
[00:16] Sink holes is a new distraction and diversion coming to RuneScape
in the form of a dungeoneering D&D.
[00:22] You can play sink holes twice daily
and they spawn every two hours.
[00:26] When there's enough of you to start a game the dungeon will begin
and you will be given three objectives to complete in the dungeon.
[00:31] All five of you are given the same objectives
which you'll see on the top left hand corner of the screen throughout the game.
[00:36] Next to that you'll see the rankings of all five players.
[00:39] This will change throughout the game as and when
players collect resources as per the objectives.
[00:43] The aim of the game is to get a higher score
than the rest of your teammates
[00:47] so expect to see loads of pushing and shoving
to get rank number one.
[00:52] There's three types of objectives, there's the skill objectives
which can be woodcutting, mining, fishing or farming,
[00:59] the combat objectives, you have to go around and kill NPC's in the dungeon
which drop combat totems,
[01:06] and exploratory objectives involves exploring the dungeon
and picking up exploration totems throughout.
[01:12] As you're exploring the dungeon you'll also come across some cards
which have special significance once you get into the treasure room.
[01:17] You can only hold five of these so you want to be careful
about which ones you keep and which ones you throw away.
[01:22] If you don't deposit the items before time runs out
you won't complete the objectives and you'll be kicked out of the dungeon.
[01:29] Once you get into the treasure room,
every player that gets in there
[01:32] will get a treasure chest put in front of them
which will have a random reward.
[01:36] The chest that appears in front of you at the start
is not guaranteed to be the chest in front of you at the end.
[01:41] In your chest you can expect to find small to huge exp lamps,
dungeoneering tokens and an outfit exclusive to Sink Holes.
[01:48] The cards that I spoke about earlier have special abilities
so you might have the chance to steal,
[01:53] likewise if you've got the huge lamp it's your job to protect it,
so there's some good opportunities for underhand tactics here.
[02:06] Yes yes, very clever.
But we at Behind the scenes demand graphics!
[02:10] I feel a montage coming on.
[02:34] That's better.
[02:36] What's better than killing stuff in the Slayer Tower?
[02:39] Killing stuff with better graphics of course!
[02:41] And so next week we find out about
the Slayer Tower's graphical rework...
[02:45] And is that a Slayer task list I see too?
Hmm, interesting.