Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #37 - Demon Flash Mobs

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Demon Flash Mobs
[00:07] Goblin flash mobs are so 2012!
[00:10] 2013 is the year of the demon and what better way to celebrate than with a riotous well timed kill-a-thon?
[00:17] BTS talked to Mod Wilson to find out more about his RuneScape demons.
[00:23] The demon flash mobs are a group of demons that are turning up their demonic arms race.
[00:29] The larger demons, the generals are turning up to ravage RuneScape,
generate power and blood and energy for their various demonic masters
[00:38] they do so by turning up with a bunch of their low level demons
draining them of health and rampaging around and killing players who challenge them.
[00:48] If the goblin flash mobs are for entry level players to get them to run around the world to see new things
[00:53] the demon flash mobs are for very high level players who want
to get together to fight something quite high level in the main world.
[00:59] There's places in the wilderness like the boneyard,
the ruins near the green dragons just to the West of Daemonheim.
[01:06] It will give pkers a bit more reason to go out into the wilderness because anyone
that has fought this demon there will have taken a bit of damage and have a big stack of gold on them.
[01:13] Other ones will be in the rest of the world like Lumbridge swamp near the poisoned wastes and near Edgeville Monastery.
[01:20] The raids will happen every hour, they'll be a message like the goblin raids it will let people know where it's happening.
[01:25] These messages will only turn up if you have the right combat level to join in the raids
and you can turn them on and off at the Doomsayer like you can with the Goblins.
[01:32] When you get there you'll see the boss, four lesser demons, two black demons and six imp heralds.
[01:38] The aim is to kill all his minions as quick as possible because the longer you leave them in the event the more health he has got.
[01:45] He's randomly generated every time graphically and has a different name, prefixes and suffixes which generate different abilities on him.
[01:54] Can this boss be soloed? Well I wouldn't recommend it, but I wouldn't want to say it's impossible
[01:58] because our players are resourceful and could find a way of doing it
[02:01] but if anyone says they have then they should probably have a video to back it up.
[02:05] Speaking of which, we challenged Mod Asherz and Mod Hunter to give it a go earlier and this is what happened.
[02:15] I'm wearing a full Pernix outfit, Maxed Cape, dual wielding chaotic crossbows and taking runite bolts along with me.
[02:39] I'm using all the Ultimates and it's having nothing of it!
It's just not working!
[02:45] You have played this game before, right?
[02:50] Leave me be Mark!
[02:53] I'm out of food
[02:55] Oh, nooo!
[02:59] What a noob!
[03:00] So as you saw it's not going to be easy to solo him so I'd recommend a larger group of high level players to take him down.
[03:11] He's got a very high value drop table which will be applied to everybody who's done enough damage to him to qualify.
[03:18] In addition to that he also drops a new demon slaying outfit which is ranged armour about the equivalent to black dragon hide.
[03:24] Which comes with a right and left handed crossbow and for each item that
 you're wearing you'll do more damage to demons and gain more xp from demons.
[03:32] Like the Goblin flash mobs this highlights the new demons that have come out so you can see the new lesser and black demons
[03:40] obviously him himself which is made up of kit parts of some of the larger boss demons themselves.
[03:44] Greater demons as well have also been update, it's basically a rework of all of the demons in a little microcosm, and it looks awesome.
[03:51] I'm really looking forward to how the community handles this piece of content so as soon as it comes out, be sure to give it a try.
[03:57] Next week, Sink Holes, yes, you heard me right, Sink holes!
[04:01] Mod Daze explains just what that means in next week's Behind the Scenes. I can't wait for that one.