Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #34 - The Kalphite King, Hardest Boss?

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Kalphite King
[00:07] It's a brand new year and with it there's a brand new boss that needs a damn good slaying.
[00:12] We bring you - the Kalphite king.
[00:15] The Kalphite king has arrived, you're going to die, lots.
[00:19] We really wanted an update for groups of players, we wanted to be providing more combat content for decent sized groups,
[00:26] obviously the evolution of combat has given us plenty more things to play with in terms of giving combat players what they want.
[00:33] This is, I think it's safe to say, the first in a line of his kind of update, and the Kalphites were an ideal target.
[00:40] The NPC is five-by-five; one of the dangers if you make something too big is that you just don't appreciate what it is that you're fighting.
[00:48] The king is obviously a different caste, a different kind of Kalphite -
[00:53] he's built for war, and that's pretty clear in everything about him.
[00:57] The new colony has its own queen.
[00:59] We know that the existing queen has always been popular but at her level she isn't the challenge she used to be.
[01:05] There is a new queen who is by no means the bulk of this update
[01:10] but is definitely an interesting point for people who fancy some smaller group fighting.
[01:15] In terms of combat styles the king is definitely versatile;
[01:20] he's capable of doing a range of attacks.
[01:23] Can you solo the king? I don't think so...
[01:27] The king is aimed at a group of say ten or so, the king is pitched at level eighty in the combat skills with appropriate gear for that level.
[01:36] If you were to bring some more friends you might get away with a few less levels
[01:40] but there might be a smaller share of the loot each.
[01:43] The new loot, we can expect some new weapons and they will be best in slot for a while.
[01:50] They're all Kalphite themed, they all look fantastic.
[01:54] Go and see the king for great visuals, an awesome fight and superb loot.
[01:59] If your new year's resolution of achieving more in 2013 is feeling like a bit of a chore,
[02:04] let RuneScape give you a helping hand with the desert achievement diary.