Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #33 - God Statues

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
God Statues
[00:07] Now that you've stuffed your presents and unwrap your face,
[00:09] it's time to get stuck in the last behind the scenes
of the year so this week it's the D&D God statues.
[00:16] This is a Construction based D&D where the player is able to build
a range of statues across RuneScape in worship of particular gods.
[00:27] Construction has traditionally been quite a closed off skill:
[00:30] you have to go off to your player owned house,
you are not on the surface world
[00:34] and one of the thing Construction fans have been
looking for is additional ways of gaining Construction XP.
[00:42] This D&D is for them really,
it's a way that they can meet other people
[00:46] who are interested in Construction while they go around boosting their XP.
[00:50] There are 4 different sites that you can build on
and you have the choice of which statue you're going to build
[00:56] and you will be building one of the champions of that god.
[00:59] For example, with Guthix, you will be building a statue to Juna.
[01:03] The four locations where you can build a statue are
Lumbridge, Taverley, Gu'Tanoth and Canifis.
[01:09] Each of these four areas follows a different god.
[01:13] If you build a statue that people in the area that worship that god,
[01:17] then you get your construction XP but you will also
be able to pray at the statue for some Prayer XP as well.
[01:24] There's also a puzzle that you need to complete.
[01:27] The puzzle involves using your skills to work
alongside the sculptor who will be guiding you and
[01:33] you'll be arranging the scaffolding around these statues that allows you
to get up and do the work that you need to do alongside the sculptor.
[01:40] So he will tell you how many pieces of scaffolding are available to use,
[01:45] how high various parts needs to be and he will
stand off in the distance and give you some advice on:
[01:51] "Up the left" so it will need to go up a bit and that kind of thing.
[01:54] And then, when you have finally put all the pieces into place,
he joins you up on the scaffold and you make the statue.
[02:01] If you don't build a statue that the locals appreciate,
then you are likely to get attacked by some fanatics.
[02:10] You will get some Slayer XP.
[02:13] It's a monthly update and at the start of every month,
you are able to revisit the four statue sites
[02:19] and help the sculptor again to get your Construction XP.
[02:24] There's no item required, no material required or
level requirements to actually take part in the D&D.
[02:31] We try to keep them accessible as possible so you can just
turn up and chat with the sculptor and you will be able to take part.
[02:39] Next week, Behind the Scenes gets up
close and personal with the Kalphite King.
[02:46] Happy New Year RuneScape!