Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #32 - Recruit a Friend

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Recruit a Friend
[00:07] Refer a friend has been a part of RuneScape for some time now,
and as Christmas approaches, Yule be glad to know it's getting updated.
[00:15] Yule, get it? ... oh dear...
[00:18] We've updated the recruit a friend program so that now it's simpler,
and even more rewarding than it was before.
[00:24] The old recruit a friend program could be a little bit complex,
it's certainly not as rewarding as the new recruit a friend that we have now.
[00:32] It couldn't be easier to get your friends involved
 so go online to our site and you fill in your friends e-mail,
[00:39] send them a personal greeting asking them to come along, and away goes the e-mail.
[00:44] On the site when you're logged in you can track the progress of these friends' applications,
[00:49] so you can see whether they've signed up, whether they've read the e-mail,
created an account and whether they've actually got membership,
[00:55] so really easy to see what's going on and you can remind your friend to come and start skilling with you.
[01:01] There are two other cool things about this system that we've built in, not only now is it easy to find your friend,
[01:06] you can travel to your friend whetherever the nearest lobestone is.
[01:10] The second thing is you can also leave a breadcrumb trail so you can find your friend in-game as well,
[01:15] so never been easier to start skilling.
[01:17] What's new in this recruit a friend program is that you get actual free membership months,
[01:22] so if you recruit one friend, you get a free month, six friends, six free months.
[01:26] On top of that you get bonus xp for every friend that you recruit,
and when you are skilling together you get even more bonus xp.
[01:36] The reason that we want people to get involved in this is so that not only can we get
even more people to see the fantastic content that's in Runescape,
[01:44] but also we'd really love the veteran players to come along and introduce the game to new players,
[01:49] and help them progress through the game and again, see this wonderful content that we've got available.
[01:53] This is available to both free players and members, free players can get free membership as well
[01:59] which is a change to how we've previously done it and members can get the bonus xp.
[02:04] One thing to note on the new system is that if you've recruited friends
previously through refer a friend, the old system,
[02:10] you can continue to get the bonus xp benefits, but you won't get
the free membership benefits unless they've lapsed.
[02:18] If they've lapsed maybe now's a good time to get those friends back and start gaming again.
[02:23] There's just one more Behind the Scenes for 2012,
 and it's all about the new distraction and diversion God Statues.
[02:29] Bow down, Gilinorians! Merry Christmas!