Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #31 - Christmas 2012

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] Merry Christmas young lady! What would you like for Christmas?
[00:03] I would like a pet please!
[00:10] Behind The Scenes
Stray in a Manger
[00:14] It's not quite time to unwrap the turkey and stuff your face full of presents, but as excitement builds
[00:19] this year's Christmas update spares a thought for the less fortunate around Varrock, as we take a look at a stray in a manger.
[00:26] We've learnt from previous holiday events and we really want to give you a mini-quest experience
[00:31] and something very festive so we're making you a partner to an imp who is in charge of pet Christmas,
[00:38] Christmas for pets, and you're going to be bringing Christmas to a few stray dogs, the ones you find in Varrock for example.
[00:43] So Santa has gone missing this Christmas event, he's not available so he's handed out all the Christmas's to various imps,
[00:48] there's Majorak charismas, a dragon Christmas, and you're helping an imp do pet Christmas.
[00:52] So he's received letters from the dogs saying they don't have a home or a purpose this Christmas,
[00:56] and you're going to give them that home or a purpose.
[00:58] You're going to bring them in, make them into reindeers
[01:00] and after they've done their job for Christmas you're going to give them a permanent kennel to live in,
[01:04] and you're going to look after them and customize that kennel according to any of the gods that you fancy.
[01:08] So it's not just about the quest in which you kind of build a home for a dog and customize it to however you want,
[01:15] there's also other elements like we've got some snow implings flying about which you've got to catch.
[01:19] They're level one hunter so anybody can pick them up and get a little bit of cursory hunter experience.
[01:22] There's also a gift of giving which is a snow imp's, a snow imp kind of throws up a little hair ball which you can pass from player to player
[01:29] ad unwrap it like a pass the parcel style, getting a number of small presents, small customizations for your kennel.
[01:34] If you've got a snow imp from the previous Christmas events
[01:36] then you're going to get to meet your snow imp again, otherwise you'll get a new snow imp.
[01:40] You also get to meet stray dogs and give them a home but my favorite characters are the French fleas.
[01:46] They're evil fleas who don't like Christmas and you've also got to find them a home in the event.
[01:49] The event will be fully voiced; we're going to have a cockney imp for you to talk to.
[01:54] "I get to deliver presents to all the pets"
[01:57] The French fleas are also going to be voiced.
[01:59] "It is not the last you will hear of misouter flea!"
[02:02] There are no requirements to start this event at all.
[02:05] We've tried to make it as open to free players and members as possible.
[02:08] We have rewards solely for members but the only content that there is to play that isn't for free players is the implings,
[02:15] catching the implings around the world of RuneScape, we're going to drop several down for players to catch.
[02:20] I really want someone to come out of this piece of content feeling like they can be completely Santa.
[02:24] We've got the Santa hat, which is available already, but for someone who wants to have the beard,
[02:29] the rosy cheeks and the glasses they can, going to give them a Santa title,
[02:33] a sack to throw over their shoulder, like a cape, so those are going to be the cosmetic rewards.
[02:38] There will also be hunter exp charms for those who want to gain a bit more hunter experience after the event,
[02:44] and we've also got the cosmetic updates to the kennel, so you'll be able to upgrade your kennel
[02:48] with any kind of Zaros gear of Saradomin gear or Guthis gear, basically align to the gods.
[02:53] When you're walking around obviously you see these stray dogs that you have to pick up and re-home,
[02:57] but they'll also be reefs on the doors, we'll have presents around in Al'Kharid and Lumbridge
[03:01] we're really trying to give a Christmas feel to RuneScape.
[03:04] You get to keep a dog permanently, not only for the Christmas event, because obviously dogs aren't just for Christmas.
[03:09] So you have a kennel in your choice of locations throughout the world, with your choice of dog
[03:13] and you just get to look after it over the course of your RuneScape career.
[03:17] I think this event more than any other I've been involved with really captures the Christmas feel ,
[03:21] it feels really festive, your giving a home to a stray dog, something that's been left out in the wild
[03:26] for Christmas and has never seen Christmas before, it's just so much fun and so festive!
[03:31] And the giving theme continues next week as Refer a Friend gets an update that proves, it really does pay to have friends.