Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #30 - Player Owned Ports

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind The Scenes
Player Owned Ports
[00:08] This week we take a first look at player owned ports and Mod Moltare tells us about his perfect weekend -
[00:17] Player owned ports is a resource and time management mini-game, you will build and outfit your buildings,
[00:22] your ships and your crews, to go on voyages to the newly discovered Eastern lands,
and bring back fine loot and new in-game items.
[00:30] As your ships progress further in the Eastern lands you'll discover new regions
[00:32] which come with new voyages, new resources and new aspects of the storyline.
[00:37] Voyages take place in real-time, which means that you can set your ships up, decide where they're going to go fire them off
[00:44] and while you wait for them to return you can go about your business in the rest of the game.
[00:47] You'll begin repairing and improving your player owned port by talking to the old Partner, the original owner of the port,
[00:55] who is getting on a little bit, can no longer run the place by himself and needs a hand from someone with the sort of skills that our players will have.
[01:04] The port is accessible from its own portal in Port Sarim.
[01:07] In essence the Eastern lands have been lost for years, there's a sort of gold rush going on
[01:12] as adventurers flock eastwards to see what they can learn, to see what they can acquire.
[01:16] The game play of ports is very strategic, very front loaded.
[01:21] You'll be choosing destinations for your ships to sail to,
[01:24] obviously each of those voyages has its own hazards and its own rewards, for which you'll need to equip you ships
[01:30] and equip your crews on the ships with the best combination for the greatest chance of success.
[01:35] The strategy in all this lies in choosing appropriate voyages, in hiring and firing crew
[01:41] so that your roster is as strong and diverse as it needs to be, in choosing what to unlock next
[01:46] and in choosing the layout of the equipment on your ship.
[01:49] Obviously there's a certain aspect of luck in this but with skill you can minimize how much that will affect you.
[01:53] As your ships explore the Eastern lands you will find forgotten scrolls containing the knowledge of how to create new reward items.
[02:00] There's high level armor, there's very high level food - the best food in the game,
[02:05] and there are new scrimshaws which are equipped in your pocket slot and which confer bonuses on a number of skills including non-combat and combat.
[02:15] To being interacting with player owned ports you'll need level 90 in at least one of;
[02:18] fishing, herblore, runecrafting, prayer, thieving and slayer.
[02:23] To see everything port's has to offer you'll need over 90 in all of those.
[02:27] To craft the reward items you'll need over 90 in the associated skill -
[02:30] melee armor requires level 90 smithing, magic armor requires 90 runecrafting, and so forth.
[02:36] Player owned ports is large, very large.
[02:38] The new systems we've put in, the amount of balancing that is required, the new story, the new lore, of the Eastern lands.
[02:45] We've done a number of updates recently for our lower level players,
[02:48] we wanted to produce something for our high level players and give them something to get their teeth in to.
[02:53] I've always been happy to see player owned ports as a spiritual successor to the managing miscellania mini-game,
[02:58] it's obviously much higher level, the rewards and stakes are higher and it has more depth of strategy available.
[03:05] I'm very proud of this update, the way it looks, the way it plays; the way interacting with it feels.
[03:11] I think players are going to very much enjoy the strategic elements of the gameplay,
[03:16] I think they're going to very much enjoy learning more about the Eastern lands that's been a background topic of discussion for many years now,
[03:25] it's all come together beautifully so I'm hoping people will go and check it out.
[03:29] Next week behind the scenes gets all Christmassy as we investigate a stray in a manger. Awww.