Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #2 - Jubilee & Evolution of Combat

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] welcome to runescape behind-the-scenes
[00:07] this week we've got info on two very
[00:09] exciting updates hitting the game soon
[00:11] those being a very special Diamond
[00:13] Jubilee cryptic clue fest and we talked
[00:16] to developers behind the evolution of
[00:18] combat we'll learn about how you can
[00:20] fight like never before in a minute but
[00:22] first there's a very special guest
[00:24] coming to varrock by unicorn torn
[00:26] carriage and you can be a part of the
[00:28] celebrations that is if you could help
[00:30] out SJ from the gyllenhaal tourist board
[00:33] to keep the party fully stocked and also
[00:36] notice a few changes to the town of
[00:38] Barak all stray dogs will be removed
[00:40] more guards will be posted around
[00:42] telling citizens to be on their best
[00:43] behavior and there's a big street party
[00:46] that everybody is invited to three new
[00:48] stores have also set up shop many coop
[00:51] will be there looking after the corgis
[00:52] bangers and mash will be purveying
[00:54] exotic new foods including something
[00:56] called fish and chips and William shaken
[00:59] spear will have some souvenirs to flog
[01:01] to get you in the celebratory spirit
[01:03] they might be a need to some help too so
[01:06] make sure you stop by and say hello
[01:08] with so many visitors flocking to the
[01:10] area for the big occasion the town is
[01:12] already running out of supplies and
[01:13] that's where you can lend a hand in
[01:15] return to some very special rewards
[01:17] speak to Beefeater big ben and your
[01:19] quest will begin to solve increasingly
[01:21] challenging clues until the party
[01:23] planning is finally complete only then
[01:25] will the town be ready to receive the
[01:27] royal visitor in all her glory cryptic
[01:30] clue festival begins on June the 1st
[01:31] featuring five clues for you to solve
[01:33] over the whole week and you can check
[01:35] out Barack's party atmosphere from May
[01:37] the 29th
[01:44] combat is a large part of any MMO but
[01:46] runescape is about to undergo a large
[01:48] combat rework that would change the way
[01:51] the game is played forever madre 'the
[01:53] mod mark and mod kriselle tell us more
[01:55] about the evolution of combat so
[01:58] currently the way that people play
[01:59] runescape is that they spend a lot of
[02:01] time navigating between different
[02:03] interfaces that's something we really
[02:06] like to change so that the action is all
[02:08] about the gameplay back 10 years ago
[02:10] they just didn't have the same tools in
[02:12] our programming language that we do now
[02:14] and now we've got these new tools we can
[02:16] totally go in and make the game we want
[02:18] to make we've got a redo every single
[02:19] bit of code you can imagine every item
[02:21] in the game every NPC in the game every
[02:23] boss a request we are bringing in and
[02:25] the concept of an action bar you most in
[02:26] this and other games on and offline we
[02:28] can put anything we want on this bar
[02:30] it's not just limited to the combat
[02:31] update although there will be some
[02:32] specific combat abilities on there which
[02:34] will touch on in the future when we give
[02:35] more information about the combat stuff
[02:38] out you can't put anything that exists
[02:40] on that the moments of quick prayers
[02:41] prayers themselves emotes items you can
[02:43] scale with it you can get logs and then
[02:44] if I make anything you can imagine can
[02:46] go on there at the moment it really does
[02:47] stream like the entire process and means
[02:48] you spend less time fighting the
[02:50] interface and it's all there right in
[02:52] front of you we're not talking about a
[02:53] tiny little update we're talking about
[02:55] one of the biggest updates we've ever
[02:56] worked on in the history of the game
[02:58] we've got loads more content coming out
[03:00] reveals of lots of content coming out in
[03:03] the future behind the scenes videos and
[03:04] you can sign up to the beta to try it
[03:06] for yourself from the 1st of June for
[03:08] more details check out runescape comm
[03:10] and that's it for behind the scenes this
[03:12] week join us next week as we take the
[03:14] first in-game look at our evolution of
[03:16] combat and bring you news on an update
[03:18] to the popular distraction and diversion
[03:20] fish flingers