Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #29 - The Brink of Extinction!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Brink of Extinction
[00:16] Stunning new Obsidian armour and an exclusive combat training area
[00:21] are just two of the rewards Mod Goya reveals
as we look at the finale to the Tzhaar quest series.
[00:27] First though, how about a quick recap?
[00:30] This quest obviously the brink of extinction, it's a continuation of the Elder Kiln.
[00:33] One of the main story elements of that quest is that the TzHaar,
which is this sort of subterranean-race,
[00:39] their offspring are not being born as fully formed Tzhaar, and instead are being born as Ga'al
[00:43] which is a kind of undeveloped Tzhaar, and so they experimented
 in the first quest with taking the remains of their ancestors
[00:50] and fusing them with the Ga'al to try and create a way around this problem.
It didn't really work out as they'd hoped.
[00:56] So that was one of the main story threads we wanted to return to and resolve with this quest.
[01:00] We have the Tzhaar which is this warrior race and the Ga'al
and the two don't really a very harmonious relationship,
[01:05] and the Tzhaar don't really look very kindly on the Ga'al,
they just throw them in the fight pits.
[01:10] We wanted to try and resolve that and bring things to a more stable place with those two races,
[01:14] and also look at the Tok-Haar who were introduced in that first quest.
[01:17] We reveal a bit more about them, their motivations and what it is that they're up to as well.
[01:24] The main characters that we have in the quest are those that were introduced in the Elder Kiln.
[01:26] We have TokHaar-Hok who features in the Fight Kiln content and he takes a surprising role in this quest,
[01:32] which I think, for me, is one of the main appeals of it from a story point-of-view.
[01:36] And we have Ga'al-Xox, who was a character created in the Elder Kiln quest, he came to being in that quest,
[01:41] and again he takes quiet a key role in this.
He's probably my favorite character, because he's very interesting,
[01:46] he's got a lot going on, he's got his own agenda which is quite different from that of the other characters.
[01:50] So it's mostly established characters but we take them in new directions
for this quest and we break new ground with them, so yeah, it's quite exciting.
[01:56] It's a members quest, grand-master level, so players are going to need
a high level mining, smithing and defense to take the quest,
[02:03] so I think if they've got those skills already high it's a good reason o push them up
a little more, aim for the 80 mark and then you can play the quest.
[02:10] The idea is that we wanted to offer players a challenging, mostly combat orientated quest,
obviously that's the sort of traditional Tzhaar quest, they're mostly combat focused.
[02:18] This has other elements to it, there are puzzle mechanics as well
but the focus is on that diverse high-level combat challenge.
[02:23] It's the first we've released since the evolution of combat, so the idea is that players
are going to have to use a lot of the different features in that combat system
[02:31] to really succeed in the fights and take quiet a strategic approach to the combat.
[02:34] As an addition to resolving the story and bring things to a natural close there
for those players who committed and engaged in that story
[02:41] we give them a satisfying narrative conclusion.
[02:44] So the main quest reward is obsidian armor, players are going to be able
to smith their own obsidian armor once they've completed the quest.
[02:49] The armor is really cool, it's this Tzhaar themed obsidian armor set
that's got this great obsidian-y metallic sheen to it,
[02:57] little lava highlights in there, reflecting the theme of the Tzhaar
but looking appropriate for the player character avatar as well.
[03:04] We've got one for each basic combat class so if you're a ranger, a melee fighter
or a mage there's to suit your basic combat style and your approach to combat.
[03:12] One of the other main draws is going to be the Fight Cauldron which is
a combat mini-game you get to access once you've completed the quest,
[03:18] so once you've done it you've got that whole other piece of repeatable content you can go back to again and again,
[03:22] use your obsidian armor and all that new combat stuff, and use the
new combat system there really effectively and really fully.
[03:27] The Elder kill is a great quest but I think if I dare say this is probably an improvement
on that in terms of game play, in terms of story, in terms of characterization,
[03:34] really exciting bit of content, really strong ending in particular, I'm a fan
of the ending and the way that's resolved is a really satisfying narrative payoff.
[03:43] So I think it offers a lot of combat, there's the puzzles, there's the great rewards
and there's a great story so I think it's the complete package really.
[03:53] Next week, Player Owned Ports. Yes! Player. Owned. Ports!