Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #28 - The Art and Sound of Ariane!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind The Scenes
The Art & Sound of Ariane
[00:08] It's part two of our Ariane special and this week we talk spectacular shiny graphics with Mod Marx0i0
[00:13] and talk strange cool sound effects and working with voices and music as well with Mod Ian.
[00:19] When we began working on Ariane and the Wizards' Tower, we knew that graphically we wanted to make something
[00:24] that looked spectacular and that really did the story justice.
[00:27] We worked with John A on the original concepts for the Ariane quests.
[00:31] He gave us ideas on what the characters should look like.
[00:33] From there we developed concept artwork and created models and an environment around the Ariane character.
[00:40] There are a number of new pieces of music written for the Ariane quest.
[00:43] We wanted the place to have its own feel and atmosphere so it was important that we did this.
[00:49] It's quite challenging to get the right feel for an area.
[00:51] So I was looking for somewhere like a very quiet kind of library or university
[00:55] with maybe some little sort of mumblings and shuffling of feet
[00:58] and I mixed those together with some kind of magical twinkles and ambience and various bookshelves
[01:03] that are moving around and people walking around, and the whole place feels like a kind of,
[01:08] an unusual sort of magical library hopefully.
[01:11] The end result of the Ariane quest, the Ariane character in particular looks really cool
[01:16] and the environment that the quest takes place in is something that we sort of pushed the limits for.
[01:22] There is something that I haven't really seen in RuneScape before;
[01:25] it's a giant beam of light going down multiple levels in the tower, and as if that wasn't enough there's like,
[01:32] a character being levitated in the beam of light.
[01:34] I didn't think that would actually work but we pushed the limits and kind of made the engine work for us.
[01:40] To overcome some of the difficulties we had with the Ariane quest primarily with getting special effects to work with the environment,
[01:46] it's just a case of doing it like again and again, trying to test out different methods just to see what works.
[01:52] In the end it was just a result of a lot of trial and error, so I think the overall effect is pretty spectacular.
[01:58] I really like it when areas are remade in RuneScape because it breathes new life into an area
[02:04] and I think the audio can add a lot to the experience at that point.
[02:09] I really enjoy it when I can see great graphics and it means I can make cool sounds to fit an area.
[02:17] Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories are both fully voice acted as is the rework of the Wizards' Tower
[02:22] so from the moment you cross the bridge onto the Wizards' Tower island all the dialogue should be voice-acted.
[02:28] Yes I am making good progress!
[02:30] In the Rune Mysteries quest and in the Rune Memories quest we had a whole host of wizards that we needed to voice.
[02:36] Every wizard in the Wizards' Tower, Ariane, all the characters; it was a really large amount of people.
[02:41] Firstly, just have a look at the...the enemies of order must taste the flames of our wrath.
[02:45] Wrath? Wrath! Wrath!
[02:50] We need to clear out the trolls or the trolls? Trolls. Trolls! We need to clear out the trolls!
[02:56] This power beam. So, Kevalan's idea worked.
[03:00] I still think a green wizard would have come up with it eventually.
[03:07] We really liked the person that we chose for Ariane's voice because
[03:10] I think she's very believable as a real person and she's got the right mix of intelligence and the interesting wizard type.
[03:17] I think I'm close to finding out what happened here. I could use your help again if you're interested.
[03:24] Voice acting, especially when it's consistent and when everyone is voice-acted lends a much more sense of immersion
[03:28] and I think it'll be fun seeing some of the old characters given voices, especially Wizard Traiborn
[03:34] who I've always found very amusing. Hearing that old dialogue voice-acted was good to hear.
[03:39] They're not to be trusted! Not that I've heard, anyway.
[03:42] The best thing about working as a character artist is I basically get to make crazy,
[03:47] cool over-the-top stuff like swords and goblins and monsters and I get paid for it.
[03:52] I get to make really cool magical sounds.
[03:54] There are really crazy wizards in there, there are fools, there are demons, there's magical spells.
[03:59] I mean what more do you want from a sound-design point of view?
[04:02] Making things that I probably want to see as a game player myself is pretty rewarding.
[04:06] I think we've really hit the nail on the head with this quest
[04:09] and after viewing the comments on last week's Behind the Scenes video I think the community agrees.
[04:15] The Brink of Extinction is the climactic conclusion to the TzHaar quest storyline
[04:19] and next week we go Behind the Scenes of this grandmaster adventure to find out more.