Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #27 - Introducing Ariane

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind The Scenes
Introducing Ariane
[00:07] In the first of a two-part Behind the Scenes, Mod John A does his best to tell us
[00:12] about two new quests without giving away any plot spoilers. Careful, John!
[00:18] Rune Mysteries is free to play, anyone can play it.
[00:21] You don't need any levels to do this quest at all.
[00:23] Like the old Rune Mysteries quest, there are no requirements.
[00:25] The quest is about the Wizard's Tower. There is something you learn at the start of the quest threatening the tower;
[00:30] the tower is in danger but you don't know the details.
[00:32] You've got to explore the tower and find out what's going on
[00:35] and that leads you to explore the forbidden ruined basement beneath the tower.
[00:41] The first character you meet is Ariane. At the start of this quest she is an ex-tower wizard.
[00:44] She's been kicked out of the tower for using a forbidden source of knowledge
[00:48] so she needs you rhelp to go back into the tower and find out what's going on.
[00:54] This is a replacement rather than a rework. The old Rune Mysteries quest only made sense
[00:58] as an unlock for the Runecrafting skill. It doesn't make sense if you can train Runecrafting before you do it.
[01:03] We're removing the quest requirement on the Runecrafting skill.
[01:06] Players who have completed the old Rune Mysteries quest can play the new one.
[01:09] They'll get a whole new story. This is a new quest and it has a new reward and a new sequel.
[01:16] All the wizards in the tower, they've been graphically reworked.
[01:18] They look awesome and they all have at least one new line for this quest.
[01:20] The new Wizard's Tower looks amazing. Everything has been graphically reworked.
[01:25] It looks like a tall tower now. We couldn't make properly tall buildings
[01:29] but now we've got ways of making the floors further apart vertically
[01:33] so if you go up to the top of the tower you can barely see the ground
[01:36] and you can see the wind rushing past you on the top as if you were on the top of a really tall building.
[01:40] Everything has been updated and it looks brilliant.
[01:44] My favourite part of the quest is when you first enter the ruins beneath the wizard's tower.
[01:48] You see a room with shrines dedicated to the four magical orders that made up the first tower
[01:53] and that also serves as an introduction to the major gods of RuneScape
[01:58] and you get to pledge allegiance to one of the four gods.
[02:02] Rune Memories is about answering the questions that Rune Mysteries raised
[02:06] and exploring the back-story of the Wizard's Tower.
[02:10] You're still working with Ariane and you learn about some of the characters
[02:13] who inhabited the tower a hundred years ago.
[02:15] These quests introduce the character of Ariane who you will hopefully be seeing in future quests eventually.
[02:22] Join us next week for part two as we dive even deeper
[02:26] into the art and sound of Rune Mysteries and Rune Memories. Meanwhile, subscribe!