Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #26 - Solo Dungeoneering

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
Solo Dungeoneering
[00:07] This week on Behind the Scenes we talk to a man with amazing hair
about gravestones and Chris L about life alone in a dungeon.
[00:16] We've made some changes to dungeoneering. We've increased the rates for
everything that isn't a 5:5 dungeon; we've used that as a benchmark.
[00:22] We made an assumption that the bigger and more people in a dungeon the harder it gets,
[00:27] but in reality the players have proved that that's not really the case and that they actually have an easier time.
[00:32] So to help the solo guys and the smaller groups we've
 increased their rates by changing a few numbers behind the scenes.
[00:37] It won't fly up ridiculously but you're going to see a much better return for the time you put in.
[00:41] If a large 5:5 group for example, can't do two large dungeons an hour,
you're probably better off soloing medium floors
[00:48] if you're a good dungeoneerer because that XP rate is probably going to be the same.
[00:51] If you've got a power group and they're 5:5, by all means stick with it
because we're not trying to change or detract from the group experience.
[00:58] We're just saying that if you can't find a group, if the group is bad and you're a good player
[01:02] definitely check out the solo medium or even the sort of
two player scenario that's very competitive now as well.
[01:08] When I made the changes and I was looking at the numbers I've plugged in
 I actually checked on my own account and I did about three to four mediums an hour.
[01:16] I'm not the fastest and I was doing warped.
I was experiencing rates of just about four-hundred thousand an hour,
[01:21] so that's pretty good considering that the group rates are at that sort of level.
[01:25] As a side effect of the changes made to XP, because tokens are always XP value divided by ten,
[01:30] with the increase in XP in solo dungeons you'll also get an extra increase in tokens.
[01:34] The changes we've made for this update are both free and members.
[01:37] Members get the perk of the extra floors, bosses, weapons and all that stuff that comes with it.
[01:41] The free to play should see an increase in the XP they gain for the floors they have access to.
[01:45] So there's no change at the moment to the bound system
however we are looking to make a significant improvement to it.
[01:50] It's something that will mean it's very streamlined;
it's more interactive because at the moment it's a bit clunky.
[01:54] It gives you more bound slots and the way you interact with them changes.
[01:58] Check it out because you're going to get a lot better return
for your time invested, and hopefully get to 120 like I will.
[02:05] We've updated the gravestone system because of the issue
where players' items are all being dropped on the ground at once
[02:11] where they were dying in high-frequency death places like outside of bosses, dungeons and things like that.
[02:16] By making it so we don't drop all your items onto the floor immediately together anymore,
[02:20] they're now stored in different data space inside the gravestone itself
which the players can interact with through a new interface to get their items back,
[02:27] with a couple of new convenient options to help get their items back a lot quicker when they've died.
[02:32] Previously when the player went back to their grave they'd find a huge pile of items on the floor,
[02:36] they'd have to right-click and look through a really long list to find the items they wanted
[02:40] and go through a two-stage process in some cases where the list was too long
[02:43] where they'd have to find the item and then click take in a sub menu that opened on it.
[02:46] With the new interface they'll see a nice little loot box in the middle of the screen
 that displays their items as if they were in their inventory
[02:52] so you can identify visually, instantly the icons for the high-value items you want to get back quickly
[02:57] You go 'Ah, I want that', click it.
[02:59] There's also two new features on this interface.
The take-all button which does exactly what is says on the tin.
[03:04] It'll take every item you can from your gravestone and put it into your inventory
if there is space, and the equip-all button which is a very nice feature.
[03:10] When you click that it will try to equip everything you have equipped when you died
[03:14] and then try to take everything else left in the gravestone into your inventory automatically in one click.
[03:19] Another advantage of the new system is rather than having to click
through your items one by one if you died in a dangerous area
[03:24] and when you're going back trying to get your items, nobody wants
to be bitten to death by a dragon while they're trying to get their items from their last death.
[03:30] The take-all feature is going to combat that because you can click it,
get all the items in one and run away very quickly before you end up dragon dinner.
[03:37] In response to the comments players have made about the last video, yes, I do have lovely hair.
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