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Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #25 - Tears of Guthix

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
Tears of Guthix
[00:07] It's not often that a snake gets to enjoy a makeover,
[00:10] but that's what has happened to Juna and the whole Tears of Guthix area.
[00:14] Mod Stead and AOB tell us more.
[00:17] Tears of Guthix is a quest where you help Juna, a follower of Guthix,
[00:22] to restore a cavern where supposedly the walls weep the tears of Guthix.
[00:28] The first thing you'll notice about the area is that we've updated Juna.
[00:31] So, she's gone from being a tiny little snake to being this really big, imposing-looking snake.
[00:36] She'll be quite formidable looking.
[00:37] We've also given the whole area a rework as well.
[00:40] We've made it a lot more cavey, a lot more atmospheric, a little bit darker, a little bit gloomier,
[00:44] just to take it from looking like a really old looking cave system, bring it up to date basically,
[00:49] so make it look a lot more impressive and a lot more atmospheric.
[00:53] The lighting's been changed so it should be a lot more moody. Overall it's a lot more polished.
[00:58] Everything has been upgraded. It looks and feels more like an underground cave system.
[01:04] The next thing we've changed are the light beings that transport you across the chasm.
[01:10] So they now sort of suck you in and you go across the journey, across the chasm.
[01:15] We've also updated some of the surrounding areas as well.
[01:18] So, you've got the goblin mine. We've given that a huge makeover as well,
[01:23] so it looks like it used to be inhabited by the goblins but that they've stripped it out and moved on.
[01:29] It's primarily just a facelift to make it look like it is underground, so it's just adding more atmosphere.
[01:36] There's the swamp cave which is located directly below Lumbridge swamp.
[01:40] There's swamp pits and there are the areas where the explosive gas goes off and sort of debris around that,
[01:48] so it's really cool and you should check that out on your way there.
[01:50] The rewards have been changed now, so you have a challenge to get a bigger bowl from Juna.
[01:55] It allows you to harvest more tears from the weeping walls.
[02:00] With the more tears you can gather, it means you get more XP,
[02:04] and the XP then goes all towards your skill level of the lowest kind.
[02:09] The whole XP thing has been rebalanced so that you should come out with more XP.
[02:14] There's a new teleporter on the games necklace,
[02:17] which will allow you to get to the Tears of Guthix area much quicker,
[02:20] but from putting the months of hard work into it,
[02:22] I'd recommend just taking the time and just running through all the three different areas to get there.
[02:26] You should definitely check the Tears of Guthix area out because it's now got a huge makeover.
[02:32] The snake looks massively impressive and you can now get a bigger bowl and more XP.
[02:38] Next week there are improvements aplenty coming to dungeoneering,
[02:42] and Behind the Scenes will have all the details.