Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #24 - Double XP Weekend Tips!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] BTS - Double XP Weekend
[00:07] Scary bonus XP hits runescape this weekend,
[00:10] so Behind the Scenes went in search
of Bonus XP tips from the J-mods
[00:14] and spoke to Mod Mark to find out
what's new this time around.
[00:18] Double XP weekend starts this Saturday.
[00:21] It starts at 12 o'clock British
Standard Time, so that's the UK time,
[00:26] the time that we use on the forums,
[00:28] and will end at 12 o'clock, midday
on Monday the 29th of October.
[00:34] To make sure you've got yourself
nice and ready for Double XP weekend,
[00:38] we've got a whole bunch of suggestions and tips
[00:41] from the people who make the game and
also from some of our loyal fans on the forums.
[00:46] Hi, Mod Steve W here with my top tips
for the Bonus XP weekend.
[00:49] For those people training combat and
using degradable items such as Barrows Sets,
[00:54] make sure to repair them well
ahead of the weekend,
[00:56] so you know they're good to
go for the whole period.
[00:59] Before Bonus XP weekend, know
what you want to train.
[01:01] That way you won't be wasting time
gathering resources then you could
be busy training.
[01:05] My tip for herblore - Make sure you
add your herbs to the vials before the event
[01:09] and that way you'll only have to add
the secondary so you'll maximise on your XP.
[01:12] This time we've tried to include
as many things as we possibly can,
[01:17] we've managed to include things like Summoning
[01:20] so all of the pouch creation that you do
[01:22] training your Summoning skill,
all the XP will get doubled.
[01:25] My top tip for Summoning. Get
Spirit Kyatt pouches now in advance.
[01:30] Use these to quickly access the
Piscatoris Summoning Obelisk.
[01:33] This will save you much valuable
time and maximise your XP gain per hour
[01:36] For dungeoneering this weekend, make
sure you've done all of your smaller floors
[01:40] and that you've only got your
larger floors left to do.
[01:42] This will allow to use all your
bonus XP on your large floors,
[01:46] reset and go straight back to large
floors again, maximising your bonus XP.
[01:51] If you're not bothered by cost
of profit over the weekend,
[01:53] try dropping or alching your resources as you go.
[01:55] That way you save time running from the bank
[01:59] and you gain additional XP in skills such as magic.
[02:01] Members can look forward to receiving
double XP for the entirety of the weekend
[02:05] and free players will receive 1.2x their normal XP,
[02:09] so it's a 20% increase to the XP
they get for all their standard activities.
[02:14] Player tip from First Knight,
[02:16] don't forget to get all of your resources
from the citadel as they count as double XP.
[02:21] My top tip is about farming.
[02:24] Make sure that you've filled all of
your tree patches and fruit tree patches
well before the weekend,
[02:30] so they're at the point where they're
ready to check their health to get the XP.
[02:33] If you do it beforehand then the first
thing you can do is log in to Double XP Weekend,
[02:38] check your trees and you'll get loads of XP.
[02:41] If you time it right, you should
be able to get two or three sets of
trees before the weekend is up.
[02:45] Make use of cannons,
[02:46] I know they can be annoying sometimes
but they certainly do speed up training.
[02:49] There's a link that appears
on the bottom of the screen now
[02:53] If you follow that link you'll find
an FAQ that answers all the questions about
[02:57] what things do and don't work in the Double XP weekend.
[03:00] Luke Plank on the forums suggests -
[03:02] Buy the Aura you want or reclaim it before the weekend.
[03:04] Remember if you reclaim it has a cool
down timer so it won't work straight away.
[03:07] My tip is for Slayer, you want
to use the NPC contact spell
[03:11] to access Slayer Masters from within the Slayer Dungeon.
[03:15] This will help you increase your
experience rates by cutting down
your travel time.
[03:18] The NPC contact spell can be got
from finishing quests on the Lunar Isle.
[03:22] My tip for Slayer this weekend
(and it might sound obvious)
[03:24] is have plenty of resources before you start.
[03:26] This will save you lots of money on
pouches, pots and scrolls in the
Grand Exchange.
[03:33] Tears of Guthix has long been a great source of XP
[03:36] and is the latest area to undergo
the full makeover treatment.
[03:40] Check out the update first and find out
why we're calling it the "SuperBowl" in
next week's Behind the Scenes.