Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #23 - Halloween 2012!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] Behind the Scenes
RuneScape Halloween
[00:08] Its Halloween time in RuneScape and this year, the battle between good and evil has never been more intense.
[00:14] Mod Sushi Pi told Behind the Scenes all about it.
[00:18] Haunted Houses is a community team-driven event
[00:22] where the forces of good and evil are going to be clashing in Varrock and Falador.
[00:25] They are going to be headed up by two J-Mods; Mod Mike and Mod Sabre
[00:30] who'll be taking on good and evil, respectively
[00:33] and then trying to recruit as many community members as possible to their causes.
[00:36] So I'm representing Team Righteous this Halloween.
[00:38] It's my job to drive Mod Sabre and his evil, heinous followers to the ground.
[00:42] I'll be heading up team Heinous;
[00:44] just anything evil that you enjoy at Halloween, that's what we're here to represent.
[00:47] Mod Sabre, coming off of his defeat at Easter is definitely trying to rally the troops to his cause
[00:52] and to take down Mod Mike who is rather new to the team.
[00:56] The loser from this is going to have to spend the night alone in a haunted house.
[01:00] So there are two things I want to achieve during this campaign.
[01:02] Firstly I want to secure victory for team Righteous.
[01:05] Secondly, I don't want to spend a night in a haunted house.
[01:07] I'm not scared of the dark, but I just don't want to do it.
[01:09] I obviously want to avoid doing the forfeit this year because,
[01:12] well, it's rumoured to be spending the night in a haunted house,
 and as much as that doesn't bother me too much,
[01:20] I'd very, very much like to see Mike doing it.
[01:23] So the real battle is going to start on the weekend of the 26th
[01:26] where large armies will be battling and at the same time, community members will be hunting for ghosts.
[01:32] Forces of good will be able to spawn holy defenders while the forces of evil will be spawning infernal evaders.
[01:38] These will be NPCs that the players can defeat in battle.
[01:43] There will be escalating rewards starting with cosmetic items;
a cloak, a cape, boots, that sort of thing, all the way up to an ectoplasm gun.
[01:51] We'll be able to tell which side is winning based upon the actual colour-changing on the map
[01:56] based upon if the good side or the evil side is in control.
[02:00] We hope very much to turn the map red; blood red with the blood of our victims this Halloween.
[02:06] I've got loads of things planned for the campaign this Halloween.
[02:08] You can join us in-game for events, you can join us on Twitter
and you can join us on Facebook as well as the RuneScape forums.
[02:13] We've got plenty of in-game events for you to come along and join us.
We'll have the rest of the night-shift team really getting behind us on team evil.
[02:20] You should take part because there's essentially something
for everyone from having a huge boost to prayer EXP
[02:26] which is really difficult to get in the game, to forum-based competitions,
lots of interaction between J-Mods and the community as a whole.
[02:33] We're going to get fan sites involved, we're going to get clans involved
 and hopefully everyone will have an awesome Halloween.
[02:39] I've got a message for Mod Sabre. You lost last time, and you're going to lose again!
[02:42] No chance. You're going down.
[02:46] Bonus XP weekend will soon be upon us,
but this time there are a few differences to previous weekends.
[02:52] Join Behind the Scenes next week to uncover what, why and who.