Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #22 - Big Updates, Little People!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Behind the Scenes
Big Update for Little People
[00:07] It's a big update for little people this week as Behind the Scenes
[00:11] takes a look at the latest area
to undergo a graphical transformation
[00:16] - The Goblin Village -
[00:17] Doric gets a voice thanks to "What's Mine is Yours"
[00:20] and unless you can stop them
[00:22] Goblin Flashmobs are raiding a town near you.
[00:25] Goblin Village is getting a whole graphical overhaul.
[00:29] We wanted to provide some more Goblin themed content,
[00:33] we wanted to update the graphics of what we've already got.
[00:36] We've got the Flashmobs and new Goblin Boss.
[00:40] They're all tied in with the whole new area
of Goblin Village and Doric's place.
[00:45] Goblin Flashmobs are a bunch of
Goblin raiders that raid from the Goblin Village.
[00:49] They turn up at low level resource areas and
[00:53] they gather items from those areas and
you kill them to get hold of the items that they've stolen
[00:58] and also kill the boss of the raiders for additional drops.
[01:03] Every half an hour the Flashmob starts.
[01:06] A message pops up telling you where they've spawned
[01:08] and you go to that area and you fight them.
[01:11] The Flashmob generally last about 25 minutes.
After that time they will disappear
[01:16] and some dwarves who are
following them to try and stop the raiders
[01:20] will turn up and you can trade in points
that you get for killing the Goblins.
[01:24] What's Mine Is Yours is basically
a retelling of what was Doric's Quest.
[01:30] The old quest didn't really have a lot of story line to it.
[01:34] This one we've tried to explore the character of Doric.
[01:36] We've put him in the situation
where life isn't exactly going great for him,
[01:41] his business is failing, he's not having a good time.
[01:44] You help him and start to move his business forward again.
[01:47] It's a big improvement on the
things that were already in Doric's quest
[01:51] It's much larger, it's more detailed than the old quest.
[01:54] Doric's got a brand new house
complete with crane which I absolutely love.
[01:59] We're also reworking the
Chaos Temple which is just north of it
[02:03] and we are updating the Burthorpe Wall
which is just to the west of it.
[02:08] Some of the lines that Doric has done in the
Doric accent by a real voice actor are really impressive.
[02:14] "No, and get your head out of the clouds.
This is real life, not a fantasy!"
[02:21] It is quite emotional in places and to have voice acting,
[02:24] it really brings out some of the lines.
[02:26] I'd really encourage anyone to make sure
they keep their sound on playing that quest.
[02:30] Rewards wise, for all of the Goblin content
[02:32] there's a Goblin Armour Torso,
[02:36] there's a Goblin Axe, and a Goblin Shield.
[02:39] We know that this is quite low level content.
[02:41] We don't want low level players to
have to compete with high level players
[02:45] who go in and be able to kill their
way through lots of Goblins quite quickly.
[02:49] So higher level players will be able to just
go straight to the source of the reward
[02:53] and collect a set of them from there.
If they want to collect multiple copies
[02:57] they can go and play the content again if they want.
[02:59] The Flashmobs are going to be in game permanently.
They're going to be turning up from now
[03:03] as a result of the Goblin rework.
[03:04] You should play What's Mine Is Yours
because it's a great retelling of an old quest
[03:10] and it gives character to one of our oldest NPCs in game.
[03:14] It's thoughtful and there may be events to look out for.
[03:18] Next week, Behind the Scenes checks out
[03:21] the community Halloween event.