Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #214 - The Origins of Children of Mah

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] In this week’s BTS, The Watch are back to tell you all about Children of Mah,
[00:17] a heavily story-based quest steeped in mystery and RuneScape lore.
[00:23] Coming in the next couple of weeks, RuneScape see the release of the Children of Mah,
[00:26] the follow up to the original Fate of the Gods quest.
[00:29] Thousands and thousands of years ago, on the planet Freneskae,
[00:31] the elder god Mar created two gods, Seren and Zaros,
[00:35] and she also created a host of other beings including the Mahjarrat,
[00:38] and those are the key characters in this quest, so that’s why we’ve chosen to name it ‘Children of Mah’.
[00:43] When the Mahjarrat were brought to Gielinor, they allied with Zaros,
[00:46] and this eventually led to Zamorak rising up against Zaros in the heart of his empire at Senntisten.
[00:52] You’ll be going back and seeing what really happened on that eventful day between Zaros and Zamorak.
[00:56] This quest isn’t just about Zamorak and Zaros though, it’s also about the Mahjarrat.
[01:00] They’re a race that is on the brink of extinction,
[01:02] and in this quest we’ll see how they deal with that desperate situation.
[01:06] The Mahjarrat are all having their power drained a lot faster than usual,
[01:09] so rather than have a ritual every 500 years, they’re going to need one now.
[01:14] The ritual means a Mahjarrat is going to have to be sacrificed.
[01:17] And who’s on the chopping block? Your old pal Kharshai.
[01:20] You’re going to be teaming up with him to figure out what is really going on.
[01:23] Along the way you’ll be uncovering secrets, delving into the past,
[01:26] seeing what really happened in the throne room that day.
[01:29] We’ve got some awesome looking environments in this quest,
[01:31] including new hazardous areas of Freneskae,
[01:33] and also the throne room of Senntisten.
[01:35] You’ve seen what the dilapidated version looks like in the empty throne room,
[01:38] but now you get to go back in time, and witness it in all its glory.
[01:42] A lot of the characters in this quest were last used way back in The Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
[01:46] When the Mahjerrat were originally created, they were made to look quite similar,
[01:49] so the males and females share a lot of characteristics.
[01:51] but what we’ve been able to do in Children of Mah is make them each look distinct and individual,
[01:55] and our new NXT engine has given us the ability to have higher resolution textures for them as well.
[02:00] The engine’s also helped us to do some really cool things with Freneskae,
[02:03] where the extended draw distance has given us the ability to create huge focal points,
[02:07] which have a real sense of gravitas.
[02:09] The best way to prepare for this quest, is of course to get the quest requirements done,
[02:12] which include: Fate of the Gods, The Light Within, Dishonour among Thieves, and Koschei's Troubles.
[02:17] Now of course one of the most difficult things to do to complete them, is get the skill requirements,
[02:22] so that’s why we released a pre-release called ‘The Empty Throne Room’,
[02:25] which contains new skilling methods to help you guys get there.
[02:28] For completing Children of Mah, you will be rewarded a hefty chunk of XP,
[02:31] you’re going to be given a new repeatable combat encounter,
[02:34] a slayer creature, which will drop tier 85 ranged gloves.
[02:38] These gloves will allow you to move whilst using the ability ‘Snipe’.
[02:40] You’ll be given a Kharshai bobble head,
[02:42] a shard of Mah, which will allow protection in Godwars Dungeon 2,
[02:45] and it will also allow you to increase your multiplier up to 400%.
[02:49] In The Watch, we haven’t actually worked on a quest for a good year,
[02:52] so it was a really exciting opportunity to get back and do a really heavy story piece of content,
[02:56] but it’s also one of the most anticipated, so that’s put a lot of pressure on us.
[03:00] But we all absolutely love these characters,
[03:02] and we’ve put our all into making this the best quest it could possibly be.
[03:06] Working on this quest has been a real pleasure for me.
[03:08] It’s a lot more story driven as opposed to puzzle driven.
[03:11] It’s like a throwback to two of my favourite quests: ‘While Guthix Sleeps’ and ‘Ritual of the Mahjarrat’
[03:15] There are some absolutely awesome moments in this quest,
[03:17] including some really nightmarish scenes towards the end.
[03:21] Be sure to subscribe and join us next week as we bring you the trailer for Children of Mah,
[03:27] which revisits some of RuneScape’s most iconic moments.