Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #213 - Children of Mah, Bounty Hunter, Mimic

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This November, RuneScape's well and truly in god mode.
[00:15] When Gielinor's greatest general struck down the god-emperor he once served,
[00:20] the world changed forever.
[00:22] It's high time for the veil to be lifted
[00:24] and for everyone to know what truly happened
[00:27] when Zaros and Zamorak clashed thousands of years ago.
[00:31] Hold on to your lore hats.
[00:33] It's time for Children of Mah.
[00:37] At the start of the quest, the Mahjarrat's degenerative curse is quickening.
[00:41] Kharshai's on the stabbing block for an emergency ritual of rejuvenation
[00:45] and he needs your help to avoid a nasty demise.
[00:49] At the bidding of your Mahjarrat pal, you'll venture to the throne room of Senntisten
[00:55] and relive the events of the betrayal first-hand.
[00:58] From there, it's back to brave the deadly wastes of Freneskae,
[01:02] where a grudge match six millennia in the making is waiting to happen.
[01:07] With glorious storytelling and awesome rewards,
[01:11] this is a fitting conclusion to one of RuneScape's most famous tales,
[01:15] and the final stepping stone to the year's spectacular final chapter,
[01:20] Sliske's Endgame.
[01:22] To play, you'll need to have completed The Light Within,
[01:25] Dishonour among Thieves, Koschei's Troubles and Fate of the Gods.
[01:29] And we may be able to help you out with that last part.
[01:33] For the first update of the month, there's a handy new skilling method in place
[01:37] to help you get a leg up on Children of Mah's hefty requirements.
[01:42] A landmark breakthrough has been made at the Senntisten Dig Site
[01:46] and it's all hands on deck to uncover long-lost secrets
[01:49] about the greatest empire Gielinor has ever seen.
[01:53] Earn up to 800,000 XP in each of Mining, Agility and Divination,
[02:00] gradually, just like in the Nexus,
[02:02] to help get you over that 65 to 75 hump
[02:06] and help you complete Fate of the Gods before the new quest hits.
[02:09] You'll also unearth tasty nuggets of lore about life in the Zarosian Empire,
[02:14] sure to be of interest to RuneScape's history buffs.
[02:18] This new skilling spot requires 65 in at least one of Mining, Agility,
[02:22] or Divination to participate,
[02:24] and is the perfect prelude to the month's main event.
[02:28] Yes, it's finally here!
[02:30] The ninjas have been putting the final finishing touches to Bounty Hunter
[02:34] and it'll arrive on the 14th of November.
[02:37] Check out the YouTube channel for a video preview from Mod Pi and Mod Chaose.
[02:42] In other news, the Celebration of Fire is already burning away over at Lumbridge crater,
[02:47] offering Firemaking, Summoning and Construction training and handy Firemaking buffs.
[02:52] Come back regularly, and watch out for a big surprise at the end of the event.
[02:57] The popular mimic boss returns this month too,
[03:00] with another chance to win the tongue cape,
[03:02] plus a brand-new mimic plushie.
[03:05] You'll see a splendidly serene seasinger's outfit on Solomon's Store.
[03:10] And there'll be deals aplenty when Black Friday hits at the end of the month.
[03:14] That's it for November, you lovely lot.
[03:16] Have fun and wooters out!
[03:19] Make sure you're subscribed, as next week The Watch are giving us a look
[03:23] at the up and coming quest, Children of Mah.
[03:27] And before I go, feast your eyes on this.