Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #212 - Bounty Hunter

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] After loads of hard work from the ninjas, Bounty Hunter is almost ready to take its place back in the Wilderness.
[00:18] Over to Mod Pi for all the details.
[00:21] On the 14th of November we will be releasing Bounty Hunter.
[00:24] Bounty Hunter is sort of a mini game, sort of a theme over the Wilderness where you'll get pitched against another target.
[00:30] That target will have you as a target as well and you'll have to go out and kill them.
[00:34] Bounty Hunter was originally introduced because of the removal of the Wilderness.
[00:38] It was a much more structured form than the Wilderness which,
[00:42] around the time when we were removing free trades, the structured nature allowed us to keep PKing in the game.
[00:48] Sadly the original system didn't really work as well as we wanted and we had to remove it
[00:52] because it was injecting far too much money and the system was far too breakable.
[00:56] The new way in which Bounty Hunter will work is that we are actually using a rating system.
[00:59] It's a well-known rating system called an ELO rating system.
[01:03] What that rating system allows us to do is matchmake you against your targets.
[01:06] Previously it was done by combat level, which any PKer will know that combat level isn't the be-all and end-all of how good you are PKing
[01:13] cause there's a lot that comes down to skill.
[01:16] So now you'll get matched against someone who is good against you
[01:19] and that allows us to be a lot more bold in what we are offering.
[01:23] There's also a lot of anti-farming mechanics so your roadkills aren't as profitable as your Bounty kills will be.
[01:29] There's not many requirements. The only requirement is that you have to be at least level 20 combat.
[01:33] The way in which the new rewards system works is that when you kill your bounty target or your road target there is a chance that they'll drop an emblem.
[01:40] If you have an emblem from your previous kill, you can actually upgrade the emblem and it's always worth upgrading
[01:45] because you'll get more reward points.
[01:47] When you cash in those emblems for points, you can spend those points for awesome rewards in Edgeville.
[01:52] So we've got some pretty sweet rewards for Bounty Hunter.
[01:54] We have the large runepouch to complement the small runepouch.
[01:57] This one holds three types of runes and will be equippable in your ammo slot.
[02:03] It's also tradeable so PKers can trade this to other players who would want it
[02:07] but don't necessarily want to PK to make some money on the side.
[02:10] We have upgrades to all of the ancient warrior equipment.
[02:13] We have upgrades to the dragon dagger, dragon claws,
[02:17] dragon longsword, dragon scimitar,
[02:19] and the dragon mace, which upgrades them to tier 70.
[02:22] The Crucible weapons are the weapons that the Supreme hunter would have used in Crucible.
[02:27] We're actually releasing them as tier 87 weapons with some pretty sweet special attacks.
[02:31] You should take part in Bounty Hunter cause it's great fun,
[02:34] you're matched against someone who is close to your skill
[02:36] and, most importantly, the rewards are going to be worth bank.
[02:40] Make sure you're here this time next week as we find out what November has in store in the month ahead.