Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #210 - The Arc update, Divination, Halloween, Bounty Hunter

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] This week we are back with mod Osborne, who is about to fill us in on all of October's updates.
[00:18] So you want to know what's coming out in October?
[00:20] Did you mean Arctober?
[00:22] Yes, me hearties, this month is all about the Eastern Lands!
[00:25] Four new islands to visit, a bevy of rewards and even birds to spot,
[00:29] all in the glorious name of completing the Arc region.
[00:32] And, for the rest of the month, we stray into other waters.
[00:35] Have your timbers thoroughly shivered by our Halloween event.
[00:38] Swash your buckles with the final definite cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die launch of Bounty Hunter.
[00:43] And keep your hoard safe in Customer Support Week.
[00:46] So, let's start with the Arc island chain, and a glorious thing it is, squarely answering your feedback on the Arc Chapter 1.
[00:52] It's full of fun training, killer rewards, and more stuff than you can shake a yaktwee stick at.
[00:57] Here's the whistlestop tour.
[00:59] Four new islands in the form of Tuai Leit,
[01:01] Goshima,
[01:02] the cyclops island of Cyclosis,
[01:04] and the sullen Islands that Once Were Turtles.
[01:06] There are several miniquests to scuttle the fabled zombie ship, the Harbinger.
[01:10] High-level Divination and Farming training methods, with Divination offering best-in-skill XP rates.
[01:15] An arc journal with pages of birds and impling-like Kami to tick off and complete.
[01:20] And most importantly, there are the spoils,
[01:23] the rewards that you've been demanding since the first visit to the Arc.
[01:26] We have a suite of them, including a bone picker upgrade for your bonecrusher,
[01:30] tier 85 boots and gloves that will supplement Ports armour with a set effect,
[01:34] and new Divination scrimshaws, to name a few.
[01:36] This is all coming into port on the 10th of October, and we'll be celebrating with some permanent changes.
[01:42] Free tickets to islands as drops across the game,
[01:45] 50 free supplies on your first visit,
[01:47] free flags, reduced costs for better Uncharted Isles,
[01:50] and guaranteed rarer resources on those same islands.
[01:52] But, if you're a little sick of colour and daylight, then close the curtains, let the darkness in,
[01:57] and enjoy this year's Halloween event.
[01:58] We'll be chucking you through a dimensional rift so you can reenter the twisted world of Dimension of Disaster.
[02:04] Here, you will find Dr Fenkenstrain, who is taking the Invention skill to pretty disgraceful lengths.
[02:09] If you've got the stomachs for it, disassemble dead people
[02:12] and bring to life horrific animated creatures!
[02:15] You will need to have unlocked Invention to play this event.
[02:18] No no, I tricked you that!
[02:19] This little treat won't actually require Invention and will be available to all,
[02:24] so free players and members alike will be able to create their own zombie monstrosity.
[02:28] Zontrosity.
[02:29] But where might you get an influx of bodies from?
[02:31] How about Bounty Hunter?
[02:33] After being delayed from September, it's actually coming in October!
[02:37] If you're unaware of what Bounty Hunter is, it's a hardcore PvP minigame.
[02:41] It gives you a bounty target and asks you to hunt them, but it makes you their target too.
[02:44] In particular, we plan to knock you out with the range of rewards it has to offer.
[02:49] Now I want to take a moment for a public service announcement about Account Security.
[02:54] To be confident that you can enjoy everything in October,
[02:56] we encourage you to make your account rock-solid for Customer Support Week.
[03:00] During this week, you'll encounter Count Check, a wonderful vampire
[03:04] who vets your account and bribes you with lamps
[03:07] in order to make it better protected.
[03:08] He's got a couple of events to get involved with. A special edition of The Drop focused on security
[03:13] and a free clue scroll every day for both free players and members.
[03:16] Level up your account security now, because it all kicks off
[03:19] with additional Treasure Hunter keys every day for those who have secure accounts.
[03:23] To round out October, we will be bringing an elite Dungeoneering skilling outfit to Treasure Hunter.
[03:27] There's a running theme. Get 7% additional Dungeoneering XP,
[03:31] 7% extra xp on skill nodes,
[03:33] 7% damage boost in dungeons
[03:35] and 7% discount at the Dungeoneering shop, to name a few.
[03:38] Plus, there's the Walk Like a Zombie event, which rewards ghoulish tasks around the world with rotten zombie outfits.
[03:44] And my favourite part? You can use the outfit to bite other players and infect them
[03:48] so they too stumble about like a zombie.
[03:51] Finally, for those of you who buy certain Runecoins packages on Solomon's Store,
[03:55] we'll be offering you a spider-related outfit and a pet as a cheeky little extra.
[03:59] There should be enough meat on October's bone to keep any zombie enthusiast happy.
[04:03] And make sure you take a trip to the Eastern Lands this month.
[04:05] There hasn't been a better time to embark on the Arc.
[04:09] And next week we're talking to the developers of the Arc Chapter 2
[04:13] to discover more on what the islands have to offer.
[04:16] What upcoming content are you most excited about?
[04:18] Let us know in the comments below.