Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #20 - Festival of the Dead!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] throughout your runescape life you've no
[00:07] doubt met hundreds of NPCs some of them
[00:10] are now sadly pushing up daisies in the
[00:12] Lumbee cemetery don't be glum though
[00:14] because guess what thanks to the
[00:16] festival of the Dead they're back what's
[00:19] the festival of the Dead we asked mod
[00:21] hunter that very question the festival
[00:23] of the Dead is quite similar to the real
[00:26] life event of the Mexican Day of the
[00:28] Dead essentially they decorate an
[00:30] ultimate flowers sugar schools objects
[00:33] related to the person who was dead which
[00:35] they would like this is celebrating
[00:37] their life instead of mourning that
[00:39] they're gone it's lent itself well to
[00:40] runescape just because we've got so many
[00:42] dead NPCs which you can just never visit
[00:45] again so this is essentially a way to
[00:47] just get something back from NPCs that
[00:50] have been dead and some storylines that
[00:51] you may have forgotten about to
[00:52] celebrate the dead npc the first need to
[00:54] speak to father jerky the priest who is
[00:56] organizing the entire event he has a
[00:58] short list of a few people who he wants
[01:00] to celebrate but he needs help in
[01:03] finding an object relating to them once
[01:05] the player has found all of the objects
[01:07] that are needed and the wall placed on
[01:08] the altar the celebrations will start
[01:11] and the player will be in a cutscene
[01:13] with some additional added NPCs who were
[01:16] also related to the deceased the rewards
[01:18] a cosmetic mask which is essentially
[01:21] like a painted face in the way that the
[01:24] school appears and additionally the
[01:26] player will gain bonus xp in prayer
[01:29] which when they're training prayer will
[01:31] double the XP that would normally again
[01:33] this event does not replace the
[01:34] halloween event there is also one of
[01:36] those coming later on in the month next
[01:39] week if you like the changes to God Wars
[01:41] you'll love what's in store for the King
[01:43] black dragon
[02:03] you