Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #209 - Deathmatch, Tales of Nomad

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Raven pops up in this week's Behind The Scenes with everything Nomad,
[00:15] but first here's Mod Pi with RuneScape's newest minigame: Deathmatch.
[00:20] Next week we're releasing Deathmatch.
[00:23] Deathmatch is a safe-death free-for-all PvP minigame
[00:26] where you and 29 other people enter the Crucible Arena
[00:30] and you get to beat the living snot out of each other.
[00:33] It's all a bit of fun, and you can get some cool rewards afterwards.
[00:36] So with the release of Deathmatch we will be closing down the crucible.
[00:39] No one was really using it but we thought that the environment was too cool to waste
[00:42] so we'll be reusing it for Deathmatch.
[00:45] In the Deathmatch arena you'll find some cool power-ups.
[00:47] These things involve things like armour.
[00:51] Armour will provide you damage reduction against your foes.
[00:54] There's a heal over time and then there's super power-ups.
[00:58] They are a little bit funky.
[01:00] You've got some standard ones, like one that allows you to do three times damage,
[01:03] but then we've got some interesting ones like the ability to summon up a chicken army,
[01:08] or like turn everyone else's food into cabbages so you can kill them really easily.
[01:12] There are no requirements for Deathmatch. Anyone can get involved.
[01:15] However there are multiple tiers of Deathmatch arena
[01:19] so that you will get pitted against someone around your combat level.
[01:21] The rewards are pretty tasty. We've got all of the old crucible rewards,
[01:26] so you've got some cool titles, including one of my favourites, 'The Idiot'.
[01:29] You've also got this flask which will allow you to bottle up the Oo'glog pools
[01:34] and take them with you wherever you go,
[01:36] so you don't need to go all the way over to Oo'glog to get all of those rewards.
[01:40] We've even got a bunch of rewards specifically aimed at getting you involved in the more dangerous side of PvP,
[01:46] so you'll get some welfare gear which is tier 65 power armour.
[01:50] We also have, like, packs of food that you can use.
[01:53] To take part in Deathmatch, you need to go to what used to be the crucible entrance in Edgeville.
[01:58] It's right next to the bridge that leads to the Grand Exchange shortcut.
[02:02] Deathmatch is a great place for you to check out PvP.
[02:05] If you've always wanted to get involved in PvP but don't want to lose your stuff,
[02:08] then Deathmatch is there for you to just check it out.
[02:10] It doesn't cost you anything to get involved, we even give you food,
[02:14] and at the end of the day you'll come out with some really really sweet rewards.
[02:19] Next week we see the release of a collection of Nomad related content,
[02:23] which includes Tales of Nomad, which is a Nomad miniquest,
[02:26] and of course the much anticipated Hardmode Nomad.
[02:30] Tales of Nomad is a miniquest.
[02:32] It's a bit of an investigatory type of story which will lead you through some of Nomad's earlier life,
[02:40] bringing the story of Nomad up to the point to which the player will be familiar.
[02:44] To begin Tales of Nomad, you'll need to head back into The Underworld,
[02:48] which you can now do via the door in Death's office.
[02:50] There is, obviously, the best reward of all which is enhanced lore,
[02:56] but there's also some experience lamps up for grabs.
[02:58] As well as Tales of Nomad, there is a much anticipated Hardmode Nomad battle.
[03:04] The fight will consist of all of the Nomad phases of the original Nomad's Elegy boss fight,
[03:09] so you'll be fighting Nomad as well as well as competing with Gielinor,
[03:13] who will continue to be doing things to affect you,
[03:16] only the difficulty will have been ramped up from what you faced in Nomad's Elegy to be a quite a difficult fight.
[03:22] Hard Nomad has a drop table that has been balanced accordingly.
[03:28] It should give you some fairly decent drops, but it will also provide the glorious Soul Cape,
[03:34] which is the lovely cape with flowy cool skull effects on it,
[03:37] the specific colour of which will be determined by how well you did in the Nomad boss fight.
[03:43] You need to have completed Nomad's Elegy. That's the only real requirement.
[03:46] But also to be particularly good at combat is probably a good idea.
[03:51] As well as Hardmode Nomad and Tales of Nomad, there is some additional post-quest dialog from Nomad's Elegy,
[03:57] so you'll be able to go back into The Underworld,
[03:58] you'll be able to talk to a number of people who are involved in the quest. There's expanded dialog for each of them.
[04:03] If you ever looked at Nomad and went "Hmm, he's a bit of a mystery",
[04:06] then this update should be perfect for you.
[04:08] You can expand on his backstory, you can learn some of his motivations
[04:12] and along with that you can smack him in his big smug face
[04:15] if you think you've got what it takes to take on Hardmode Nomad.
[04:18] There should be something for everyone.
[04:21] And we're back with Behind The Scenes next week
[04:24] taking a look at October's biggest updates.