Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #208 - RuneFest 2016

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 208: RUNEFEST 2016

[00:11] RuneFest is just one week away and our teams throughout the office are hard at work preparing for the big day.
[00:17] Tickets are still on sale, so, if you haven't got yours yet,
[00:20] there is still time to guarantee your place at the biggest party of the year.
[00:24] Mods Mark, Balance and Nova are here with all of the details on what to expect from RuneFest 2016.
[00:31] Next week, RuneFest arrives.
[00:33] The 17th of September we're heading to Battersea Evolution in central London
[00:38] for an amazing all-day RuneScape experience.
[00:43] RuneFest is the closest you'll get to RuneScape in the real world.
[00:47] It's a fantastic collection of players, JMods, and YouTube celebrities,
[00:52] where we get together, have a massive party,
[00:54] and talk about the thing we love the most in the world, which is RuneScape.
[00:58] Past RuneFests have been absolutely amazing.
[01:00] This year, we're going up a gear.
[01:02] The venue this year is a different one than we had in the past and previous years.
[01:07] We will have one big open space. There will be no dedicated rooms anymore.
[01:13] It will be way more transparent, way more open,
[01:15] but still a lot of corners and things to explore throughout the venue.
[01:20] It's all about Eastern Lands, so there will be lots of green involved,
[01:26] a jungle and a really really big ship you don't want to miss out on.
[01:31] Not only is the site itself an amazing replication of RuneScape in the real world,
[01:37] but there'll be hundreds of JMods for you to go and meet,
[01:40] there'll be a load of activities that you can do replicating RuneScape activities in the real world.
[01:44] We've got main stage talks from the likes of mod Osborne, talking about lore,
[01:49] talking about 2017's major updates, as well as some of our incredible plans for the rest of the year.
[01:54] We're going to have insider sessions on our second stage
[01:56] which include things like a lore discussion, meeting the artists.
[02:00] We're going to have an amazing LAN area, where you can play RuneScape to your heart's content.
[02:04] Plus there'll be special areas for Chronicle, Idle Adventures,
[02:07] and you can meet the teams behind those games as well.
[02:10] There's nothing quite like the vibe of the event, being there live and experiencing it yourself,
[02:15] but if you can't be there, there's always Twitch.
[02:18] From 9:30am game time, you'll be able to tune in live to us right there from Battersea Evolution.
[02:24] We're live on, and we're going to be doing a small Facebook livestream and Periscope during the day as well.
[02:30] Make sure you're there tuning in because we're going to have loads of guest JMods
[02:34] who are going to be summarizing all of the talks, and you can watch live those main stage talks as well.
[02:39] If you're watching us at the event on RuneFest live on,
[02:42] then you can win some amazing prizes, just like these.
[02:46] The Golden Gnomes is one of the highlights of RuneFest for everybody,
[02:50] not only those who attend, but everybody who's at home,
[02:53] doing weird little RuneScape things in their own time.
[02:56] Whether it's little models that they're making, or videos on YouTube,
[03:00] or special events they're running for the community,
[03:03] or fundraising activities, all sorts of different things, the Golden Gnomes are a set of awards
[03:08] that allow us to recognize those special achievements that our players have made.
[03:12] If you're a true RuneScape fan, you have to be watching.
[03:16] You're either there on the day, or you're watching on our livestream from 9:30 game time.
[03:20] Make sure you're there because it's going to be absolutely incredible.
[03:24] RuneFest is the perfect opportunity to throw yourself at RuneScape.
[03:29] There is so much you can do, so many people to meet,
[03:33] so many questions you can ask,
[03:35] so many amazing juicy secrets you can learn,
[03:38] whether you're there live on the day, or you're tuning in to the stream, you really don't want to miss it.
[03:45] With RuneFest taking place next weekend, we will be releasing next week's video on Saturday.
[04:15] That'll do.