Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #207 - RuneFest, Dagannoth Kings rework & More

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] The return of Bounty Hunter, a new deathmatch minigame, Wilderness dungeon upgrades,
[00:16] a new look for the Dagannoth Kings and everybody's favourite event of the year.
[00:21] Those are just some of the awesome things going on in the world of RuneScape this September.
[00:25] Over to mod Osborne for more details.
[00:28] Two big dates should go into any self-respecting 'Scapers diary this month.
[00:32] The first is 17th of September, when RuneFest strolls into town.
[00:36] Tune into RuneFest Direct from 9:30am game time on our Twitch channel.
[00:40] Cross my heart and hope to die, there will be a raft of humungous reveals for 2017.
[00:45] The second date is the one to rule them all.
[00:46] The 23rd of September is Double XP Weekend.
[00:49] If you like the sweet sweet taste of gains, then Double XP Weekend is a buffet you won't want to miss.
[00:54] And in case you were still fumbling for your phone calendar,
[00:56] that's RuneFest on the 17th of September and Double XP Weekend from 23rd to 26th.
[01:01] Get those in you.
[01:02] It's worth remembering that Invention is now a thing during Double XP Weekend,
[01:05] allowing you to gain an additional 50% when Invention training.
[01:08] To celebrate, we'll be making pickaxes augmentable, giving non-combat players another avenue for training.
[01:14] But, for the rest of the month, the theme is blood, and litres of it.
[01:18] And it starts flowing with the launch of Bounty Hunter and Deathmatch.
[01:22] Bounty Hunter is the return of the PvP minigame that assigns you, unsurprisingly, a player to hunt down and kill.
[01:27] But watch out. That same player has you as their target.
[01:30] You go rogue and kill non-bounty targets willy-nilly,
[01:33] but the best rewards are gained by killing your targets.
[01:35] Just don't get taken down yourself, of course.
[01:37] There's a different PvP option coming in September for those who take their player-killing less seriously.
[01:42] Deathmatch throws you into the Crucible arena
[01:45] with a metric Thok-ton of power-ups, chicken armies and damage boosts.
[01:49] Then it's 3, 2, 1, go! Kill each other as often as you like or are able.
[01:53] You might even get the opportunity to become Supreme Champion,
[01:56] a super-powered boss version of yourself who can sweep the arena clear of opponents.
[02:00] Deathmatch is a safe-death PvP minigame where the emphasis is on having a blood-spattered good time,
[02:05] all while snagging great rewards.
[02:08] The blood runs even deeper with our other September updates.
[02:11] Dagannoth Kings graphical rework comes to the Fremennik lands,
[02:13] giving the daggermouths a lick of paint inspired by a Legend Arts concept.
[02:17] We're also sprucing their caves in a dungeon rework that simultaneously brings a sexy sheen
[02:22] to the Lava Maze, Deep Wilderness Dungeon, Agility Dungeon and Forinthry Dungeon.
[02:27] To keep the blood flowing, we're dropping in a Tale of Nomad,
[02:29] a miniquest that delves deeper into old scarface's motivations and choices.
[02:33] For those who prefer to stab Nomad in the back than chat to his front,
[02:36] we're offering a hard mode, just in case he wasn't homicidal enough.
[02:41] And the Nomad's Elegy boss will be repeatable, demanding, rewarding, with a soul cape for those who defeat him.
[02:47] Abandoning the blood analogy for a moment, we'll be adding four new perks to dabble with,
[02:51] including Flanking, which offers increased damage when you are to the side or rear of your opponent,
[02:55] and a couple of perks that offer huge benefits at the cost of two perk slots.
[02:59] You can also expect an expansion to the currency pouch,
[03:01] allowing you to clear some much-needed space in your bank.
[03:04] So if you've been drowning in sliskelion pieces, ectotokens and chimes,
[03:08] then you will be getting a lot more breathing room.
[03:10] You've likely also noticed the pitter-patter of tiny crab feet this month,
[03:13] as the Crablet Plunder September event is already a day in.
[03:17] Log in to RuneScape every day and the salty crablets will bring you daily XP rewards that you can optimise.
[03:22] You'll get better XP rewards for logging in on multiple consecutive days,
[03:26] so make sure you're grabbing that plunder on a regular basis.
[03:29] On Treasure Hunter, Time to Train returns in the lead-up to Double XP Weekend,
[03:33] giving you a timely injection of resources.
[03:35] Solomon adds the gossamer outfit with a unique teleport animation to his store,
[03:39] but my personal highlight is the new crystal peacock armour.
[03:42] This little beaut is available throughout September with any purchase using a physical game card.
[03:47] Be sure to grab one, as a game card doesn't have to be used for membership,
[03:50] it can also be converted into RuneCoins or Treasure Hunter keys.
[03:54] And Premier Club gold members, as usual, get this set for free.
[03:57] To round up, September is about Bounty Hunter, Deathmatch, Nomad, Invention, Dagannoth and Crablets.
[04:04] There's also the small matter of RuneFest on the 17th of September,
[04:07] plus Double XP Weekend from 23rd to 26th.
[04:11] Did I mention them already?
[04:13] And Behind The Scenes will be back next week with everything you need to know about RuneFest 2016.