Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #206 - Catherby Rework & Crablet Plunder

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] On this week's Behind The Scenes, mod Wulver is here with September's crablet plunder.
[00:16] But first, here's mod Ollie with the stunning Catherby rework.
[00:20] Next week coming to RuneScape we've got a graphical rework to White Wolf Mountain and Catherby.
[00:26] We really wanted to rework those areas in particular because you see them right at the start of the game
[00:30] and they looked nothing like they could do. They had huge potential.
[00:33] White Wolf Mountain was basically just a speed bump between Burthorpe and Catherby.
[00:37] We really wanted to turn White Wolf Mountain into a huge peak, like we've not really had before in RuneScape,
[00:41] because now we've got NXT and the draw distance is one of its strongest features.
[00:46] So now you can climb between caves to get up to different levels
[00:48] and once you're at the top you can see out over a huge amount of Gielinor.
[00:52] In the shadow of the mountain sits Catherby, which before was just a few houses on the shoreline,
[00:56] and now we've turned it into a proper fishing village,
[00:58] where there's a fishing market and still all the features that you recognise,
[01:01] like the beach, and the bank, and the range, all near the lodestone.
[01:06] A few other changes we've made, are to make the Dwarven Mine actually part of the mountain
[01:10] and also to make the docks sort of like a more lively area, with a much better ship as well.
[01:15] And we've also made the farming patches at the back more of a feature,
[01:18] so they're a little bit raised up on a bluff that is part of the mountain.
[01:21] You should definitely come and check out the brand new Catherby and White Wolf Mountain
[01:24] because it's a great place to do your fishing.
[01:26] And once you climb to the top of that mountain, there's some awesome vistas to enjoy.
[01:30] Crablet Plunder is an Arc themed event that's going to take place all throughout the month of September.
[01:35] Players are going to be able to build their own XP rewards
[01:38] from a selection of different upgrades, including skills, skill bundles, and XP buffs.
[01:44] Every day you log in you'll earn 5% more XP up to 25%,
[01:47] which you can maintain throughout the entire month of September.
[01:50] The skills that you get to choose from are going to be random
[01:53] but you are going to get to select three of the five different upgrades.
[01:56] Every weekend in September, there's going to be rare weekends.
[01:59] And on rare weekends you have an increased chance of getting the skill bundles,
[02:04] which are going to be between, sort of, two and four skills that will go into a single upgrade slot.
[02:08] So those are going to be really great and you will also have a chance of getting the rarer crablet types.
[02:12] So those are going to be the, your sort of 40%, 50%, 60% XP buffs that are going to come along with that.
[02:17] So that, combined with your daily chain bonus, is going to make weekends really exciting in September.
[02:22] The only requirements for crablet plunder are being a member,
[02:24] so you can just head over to the community tab and access it from there.
[02:28] Alternatively, you can also go and talk to Classie the crablet in Burthorpe, who is right by the lodestone.
[02:33] Crablet plunder is going to allow you to scuttle away with some excellent XP rewards all throughout the month of September.
[02:39] If you're artistic and fancy winning your very own real-life Inferno Adze,
[02:43] head to the RuneScape website to find out more about our fantastic postcard competition.
[02:48] The deadline is the 2nd of September, so get your entries in quick!
[02:52] And next week mod Osborne's here with all of September's awesome updates.
[03:08] Next week coming to RuneFest we've got...
[03:11] Next week coming to RuneFest we've got a graphical rework...
[03:14] You said RuneFest.
[03:15] Coming to RuneFest? RuneScape!
[03:18] Next week coming to RuneScape we've got a graphical weework...
[03:21] Wee work.
[03:23] A wee work?
[03:26] Cool.
[03:26] Awesome.
[03:30] Excellent.
[03:32] My hands are gonna smell bad now all day.