Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #205 - Skilling Pets

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] On this week's Behind The Scenes we have a whole host of brand new companions with the arrival of the long-awaited skilling pets.
[00:18] Over to you, mod Ramen!
[00:20] On Monday the 22nd of August, RuneScape sees the release of skilling pets,
[00:24] 19 pets associated with their respective skills, which you're able to go out and get throughout the RuneScape world.
[00:30] You'll be able to do different activities such as woodcutting, mining, fishing, and smithing
[00:35] to get the pet for each of the skills.
[00:37] In a player survey about what players wanted the most, skilling pets was pretty highly ranked.
[00:41] Initially we sat down, we brainstormed all the different skills we were including in the update.
[00:46] From there we filtered out the ones we liked best and then sat in the meeting room, got the one we wanted.
[00:51] After that, we sent them over to concept and the modellers to bring them to life.
[00:55] Each of the pets is a different character.
[00:56] So we have Rue, the dragon, for Runecrafting, who you may have seen floating about in the Runespan before.
[01:01] We have Gordie, a gorajo, who you may find plundering the Daemonheim floors with you.
[01:06] Dojo Mojo, the agility monkey pet.
[01:08] Baba Yaga's house, for the construction pet.
[01:11] We have Willow, the divination pet.
[01:12] Ramsay, for the cooking pet. Gemi, for the crafting pet.
[01:16] We then have Brains, the farming pet.
[01:18] Bubbles, the fishing pet. Flo, the fletching pet.
[01:21] Herbert, the herblore pet. Ace, the hunter pet.
[01:24] Malcolm, the invention pet. We have Rocky, the mining pet.
[01:27] Crab, who you can find from slayer. Smithy, the smithing pet.
[01:31] Woody, the woodcutting pet. Bernie, the firemaking pet.
[01:34] And then we have Ralph, the racoon, who you might catch in your pockets every now and then.
[01:37] To go about unlocking the skilling pets you're going to need to go to the appropriate skill,
[01:41] perform various activities within that action, whether it's woodcutting, you need to go chop willow trees or elder trees depending on your woodcutter level.
[01:48] From there you've got to be really lucky to unlock the pet.
[01:51] Once you've got the pet, you'll notice there's an object in your inventory.
[01:54] If you click this, you'll unlock the pet in your pet interface.
[01:57] If you open up the interface, you'll be able to select the skilling pets tab and then pick your pet from there.
[02:02] Alternatively, you can use them as familiar overrides.
[02:05] With the update we're releasing two new titles.
[02:08] One for gaining five pets, which is Jack of Trades, and one for gaining all the pets, which is Jack of All Trades.
[02:14] Players should go after the pets, not only to collect them all, but to have that awesome companion throughout their adventures in Gielinor.
[02:20] In next week's episode of Behind The Scenes we're taking a look at September's 'Crablet Plunder'
[02:25] plus we'll catch up with The Watch once again
[02:27] as we visit the new look Catherby and the mighty White Wolf Mountain.