Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #204 - Summer Beach Party

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]


  1. 204: THE BEACH 2016

[00:11] Grab your buckets and spades because this week we're heading to the beach!
[00:15] Mods Sayln, Krista and Mohawk are here with everything you need to know about this year's summer beach event.
[00:29] On Monday's update we'll be bringing you the beach once again.
[00:32] And we thought what better way to introduce it to you than coming to Cromer, in Norfolk, England.
[00:36] The beach is an event we've thrown for the past two summers now,
[00:39] where we fill Lumbridge crater full of sand and just host loads of beach activities.
[00:42] We've got the skilling activities from last year's beach. They're all back.
[00:46] We've got the coconut shy that gives you ranged XP.
[00:48] Then we've got fishing in the rock pools for fishing XP.
[00:51] We've got sandcastles that give you construction XP
[00:54] and you can build, like, the mages' tower and all sorts of cool things.
[00:58] We've got coconut trees you can harvest coconuts from to get your farming.
[01:02] We've also got grills for cooking.
[01:04] We've got the strongmen, so you can do strength XP.
[01:07] If you're like me, you don't want to do combat. You can just hang out on the beach and pull all the poses.
[01:11] We've got beach ball rolling, so you can go in through the portal,
[01:14] chase after that beach ball and attempt to try and get to the bottom
[01:17] and see if you can because none of us can.
[01:19] So Clawdia is back as well.
[01:20] She'll spawn once every hour from the centre of the crater.
[01:23] If you can remember from last year, Reyna, when she was getting rid of the last of her mystery boxes and all the sand,
[01:29] she happened to throw a tiny weeny little creature into the middle of the crater.
[01:33] And that's where Clawdia was made. And she grew huge and she got angry.
[01:36] And then she spawns and she tries to kill you.
[01:39] So you have to get all your friends together and try and take her down and earn some awesome rewards from her.
[01:44] We have two new events this year on the beach.
[01:45] One of them is the hook-a-duck, which gives you hunting experience,
[01:48] and the other is terrorbird racing, which takes you above the beach in loads of different areas and lets you train your agility.
[01:53] On the beach we'll have a temperature gauge,
[01:55] and whilst you work on your skills, you'll notice that you get hotter and hotter.
[01:58] To cool yourself down, you'll have to eat an ice cream which you can get on various events, as well as by killing Clawdia.
[02:03] If it's happy hour on the beach, however, then your temperature gauge won't go up.
[02:06] Rewards on the beach, other than your XP, obviously from doing all your skilling, you can also get lots and lots of cosmetics.
[02:12] You can either buy them from the vendors or you can be lucky and win them from Clawdia,
[02:16] from battling her, or from doing skilling, and we've got loads of cosmetics.
[02:20] We've got a lifeguard chair hat, which is quite funky.
[02:23] We've got an ice lolly wand that's a wand override that drips.
[02:26] We've got coral daggers and coral swords.
[02:30] We've got a water balloon shooter, which shoots the little red water balloons
[02:33] that we gave out last year and are a long-standing thing.
[02:36] We've got Clawdia wings.
[02:38] They're basically like her claws you can wear on your back.
[02:41] Or there's a shark fin for Mod Sayln, because he totally loves sharks.
[02:45] We've got a rubber duck rubber ring, and we've got a Shadow Drake version as well.
[02:50] Pets! Absolutely adorable pets. We've got Sandra, who is a starfish.
[02:53] And then we've got Gus, who is a pufferfish.
[02:55] And they've got the most adorable animations.
[02:58] If you loved the beachwear from last year, we've got another set, very similar.
[03:01] The man's got a shirt this time, but it's recolourable, and it's pretty snazzy.
[03:05] There's a towel cape, a nice towel that you can wear on your back.
[03:08] And there's a conger eel whip as well.
[03:10] And finally we've got titles. All of the titles from last year are back again.
[03:14] So, if you missed out, don't worry, you can get them.
[03:16] We've got all new titles for you to find for doing activities and little sneaky things,
[03:20] so we'll be interested to see when you find them.
[03:23] We also have a treasure map coming with the beach this year.
[03:25] You can get it from Reyna at the start of the event,
[03:27] and then every day throughout the beach,
[03:28] you can look at this treasure map and get some rewards.
[03:31] These are free, but if you don't claim them on the day that they are available, they will be locked out for you.
[03:35] If you complete twenty days or more on the treasure map,
[03:38] you'll be able to unlock a special shell shield override and a loot beam,
[03:42] a water splash loot beam that will look really cool when you're doing Dungeoneering.
[03:45] The beach is an incredible place to pick up some experience,
[03:48] hang out with friends and grab loads of cool cosmetics as well,
[03:51] so make sure you head there before the 12th of September, which is when the beach closes,
[03:54] otherwise you won't be able to get anything.
[03:56] We're catching up with The Watch next week as we find out more about the long-awaited skilling pets.