Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #203 - Wilderness, Achievement Diaries

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] We're off to the Wilderness in this week's Behind the Scenes.
[00:14] Mods Chaose and Harrison are here with a swarm of improvements
[00:18] and a brand new task set for those forsaken lands.
[00:22] Next week we've got a whole raft of Wilderness improvements.
[00:25] We've got new training methods, a whole new task set. There's a couple of updated areas too.
[00:31] We felt like a lot of the Wilderness content was super, super old. Some of it goes right back to classic.
[00:36] We felt like we needed to update that,
[00:38] make that relevant to today's game, and we wanted to put a lot of new content in there too.
[00:42] One of the biggest updates we've added to the Wilderness is the cursed Divination spot.
[00:46] The Sword of Edicts has leaked all the power out of the Earth there.
[00:50] Every type of energy amalgamated into cursed energy.
[00:54] You can grab that at any level. We've got scaling XP.
[00:57] You can transmute that into any kind of Divination energy for your level.
[01:01] You get better returns than if you were at normal spots.
[01:04] Another one of our big updates is a new farming patch that's north of the canoe exit.
[01:09] There's new seed called bloodweed. You can only get that in the Wilderness.
[01:12] There's various methods to get that.
[01:14] The herb that you grow from it can be made into three new potions.
[01:17] We have the luck potion which gives you the ring of wealth effect for a full hour,
[01:21] so that keeps your ring slot empty for something more useful.
[01:23] We have the camouflage potion that'll hide your minimap dot on the minimap for a full minute.
[01:27] That means you can sneak in and ambush people while you're PKing
[01:30] or you could sneak into the castle in Castle Wars and take the flag without people noticing.
[01:34] And finally we've got the aggression potion.
[01:36] What that does is it grabs all of the enemies in the area,
[01:40] goes "I don't like you", and they all jump you, so that's great for AFK combat training.
[01:45] We've also updated the Bandit Camp area.
[01:47] So we have, the bandits are now all upgraded in combat stats.
[01:51] We've given them new weapons. You'll get warned if you walk in there without a skull.
[01:55] They do not like unskulled people. If you don't heed that warning, you will get attacked and absolutely destroyed.
[02:00] If you do have a PK skull however, you'll be welcomed in.
[02:03] And we have a shop there, run by Noterazzo.
[02:06] He sells various rare materials, like the tier 90 component pieces.
[02:11] We have some construction supplies.
[02:13] All sorts of really nice things, including the bloodweed seeds.
[02:16] Many of the other Wilderness updates include an update to the chaos altar in level 12.
[02:21] That gives you guilded altar XP rates and there's a bank nearby.
[02:26] We have bank options on all of the cape sellers, which are very unsafe but very convenient.
[02:32] We have pickpocketing for rogues updated. That's more sort of elf city style now, that you might be able to get some bloodweed seeds there too.
[02:38] We have a contract system for the Wilderness.
[02:41] That's for slayer. You get some more XP than usual.
[02:44] And we've added a load of new monsters into the Wilderness.
[02:47] And finally I'll tell you about the charming moths, which are great for Hunter.
[02:51] You can actually catch them barehanded, but they'll give you the regular summoning charms just straight up.
[02:55] With all these additions and improvements, we're hoping to entice you in with a brand new Wilderness task set.
[03:01] The Wilderness achievement diary is a set of tasks that we'll be adding alongside the improvements to the Wilderness.
[03:05] We made this task set because we wanted to encourage players to enter the Wilderness
[03:08] and explore the new content that's in there alongside all the existing content.
[03:11] Obviously this task set is in the Wilderness.
[03:13] This does mean that other players can attack you, so only take what you are willing to lose.
[03:16] This doesn't mean however that you can't be the person hunting other the players down.
[03:19] You will be expected to complete tasks of various difficulties ranging from easy to elite,
[03:23] from things such as just entering the Wilderness to killing the Chaos Elemental.
[03:27] Some other examples of tasks that you'll be expected to complete are loot from a Warband Camp,
[03:30] create an aggression potion from scratch, and complete a slayer contract.
[03:34] So, as you complete each tier of the task set, you'll be awarded with the Wilderness sword.
[03:37] Other rewards include things such as XP lamps, a new shortcut to the air orb obelisk,
[03:42] and when you're in the Wilderness, team capes will work as an Ava's accumulator.
[03:45] Myself and the rest of the ninja team have really enjoyed working on these fantastic additions to the Wilderness
[03:49] and we're certain that the rewards on offer will be worth the risk that you put in.
[03:53] With RuneFest closing in, we need your nominations for this year's annual Golden Gnomes.
[03:59] If you'd like to make a nomination, head over to the RuneScape website to find out more
[04:03] but remember the deadline is Sunday the 14th of August, so get them in fast!
[04:08] And get your towels ready as it's about to go down because next week we're heading back to the beach!