Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #202 - Wilderness, Summer Beach Party & Skilling Pets

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Things take a slightly darker turn this month as we head to the Wilderness
[00:15] for improvements and achievement diaries.
[00:18] But there's light at the end of the tunnel as we bring back the summer beach party
[00:22] and see the release of the brand new skilling pets.
[00:25] Over to you, Mod Mark!
[00:28] The Wilderness activities being launched this month are epic.
[00:31] Even if you're not an avid PKer, there's something just right for you
[00:35] in one of the biggest updates we've ever attempted to these dark and twisted lands.
[00:40] If you're into Divination, we've turned the Sword of Edicts spot into a giant Divination resource,
[00:45] able to create energy of any type depending on your level.
[00:49] Naturally, the XP rates on offer are very generous.
[00:52] So take a buddy with you to watch your back!
[00:55] If Farming or Herblore is more your cup of tea, we've got three new potions in store.
[01:00] Luck potions, camouflage potions that can hide your minimap dot,
[01:04] and aggression potions that make all combat NPCs attack you on sight,
[01:08] all of which use the new bloodweed herb that can only be grown in special patches in the Wilderness.
[01:15] For the combatants, try venturing into the freshly updated bandit camp.
[01:20] Bandits have been tooled up and levelled quite considerably,
[01:24] being aggressive only to those without skulls.
[01:27] Or perhaps it's a bit of Slaying that you're after?
[01:30] If so, you'll be able to pick up special contracts for killing Wilderness-only creatures,
[01:35] although these ones can be lost through PKing,
[01:38] with the progress transferred to the new owner.
[01:41] For the hunters, try out the charming moths on the far east coast.
[01:46] These giant furry blighters can be caught barehanded,
[01:49] with generous XP and summoning charms on offer.
[01:52] We've also changed rogues, so that they can be pickpocketed.
[01:56] We've added banks to the cape vendors.
[01:58] We've upgraded the Demonic skull to work on six different skills in the Wilderness,
[02:02] giving you lots of additional XP and we've upgraded the chaos altar.
[02:06] Win.
[02:08] And I've not even mentioned the new achievement diary yet.
[02:12] Again, don't worry if you're not a PKer.
[02:15] The diary contains easy, medium, hard and elite tasks just like its less bloodthirsty brothers.
[02:21] You'll be expected to raid warbands, create bakriminal bolts,
[02:25] kill the chaos elemental, run laps, take canoes. All sorts.
[02:29] Those who complete it will gain the Wilderness sword
[02:32] plus XP lamps and upgrades to several of the old and new Wildy training methods.
[02:37] After the boss pets made a big impact last year,
[02:40] we've been tinkering away with bringing the same joy
[02:43] and rarity to skillers for all the non-combat skills.
[02:47] The higher your level, the higher the chance to get the drop and earn unique titles.
[02:52] And you can earn them by simply doing anything that you could earn shattered heart rocks from,
[02:58] which is about 95% of all the skilling activity in the game.
[03:02] Our highlight pets include the gorgeous thieving raccoon pet,
[03:06] the runic dragon, that's fresh from the RuneSpan,
[03:09] and Woody, who features in both Woodcutting and Firemaking.
[03:13] Burn, little man, burn!
[03:16] It's time to bust out the Bermuda shorts and slap on some sunscreen.
[03:20] The beach is back for another four weeks of sun-soaked fun.
[03:24] All your favourites from last year are back.
[03:26] The coconut shy, coconut collecting, sandcastle building,
[03:29] beachball rolling, battleships, cooking grills,
[03:31] strongmen and portals, not to mention the ferocious Clawdia herself.
[03:37] On top of that there's a ton of new activities.
[03:39] There's terrorbird racing, daily treasure hunts,
[03:42] a hook-a-duck game for training your Hunter skill,
[03:44] and some truly awesome rewards,
[03:47] including starfish and seahorse pets,
[03:49] a towel cape, and a wearable shark fin.
[03:53] Elsewhere, keep an eye out for the satyr outfit,
[03:57] the latest in the fae collection, on Solomon's Store,
[04:00] and a spectacular crystal peacock pet,
[04:03] yours with selected gamecard purchases this month.
[04:06] And there's an extra key available to all members throughout August,
[04:10] so it's a great time to open chests!
[04:12] In other news, we're also aiming to release a graphical rework to White Wolf Mountain and Catherby,
[04:18] harnessing the full power of NXT.
[04:21] Catherby will be updated to look like a real rustic fishing village
[04:25] and White Wolf is becoming an actual mountain.
[04:28] Get ready for some stonking views.
[04:31] And don't forget your RuneFest tickets!
[04:33] 17th September 2016 in London.
[04:37] Be there or be somewhere else.
[04:39] Have fun! Wooters out!
[04:43] If you fancy winning your very own life-sized Arc weapon, all you have to do is design your own Arc Island.
[04:50] Head to the RuneScape website for more information.
[04:53] And next week we'll be hunting down the ninjas so they can tell us all about the Wilderness improvements
[04:59] and the long-awaited Wilderness achievement diary.