Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #201 - The Arc Islands are here!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] We're setting sail in this week's Behind the Scenes!
[00:14] The Guardians are here to tell us all about the Arc,
[00:17] RuneScape's first step into the Eastern Lands.
[00:21] On the 25th of July you will finally be able to set foot in the Eastern Lands
[00:25] as The Guardians bring you the first part of the Arc islands.
[00:28] The Eastern lands has been mentioned many times in RuneScape updates,
[00:32] from quests to Player Owned Ports, you will actually be able to go there and see islands for yourself
[00:38] rather than just sending voyages through Player Owned Ports.
[00:41] So with the Arc we wanted to deliver a brand new experience.
[00:45] The first thing that we wanted to do was make sure that it's a closed economy.
[00:49] It's a fresh starting point for everyone.
[00:51] Everyone's going to come to the Arc, but you'll need to earn your own chimes.
[00:54] Everyone starts from the same point.
[00:56] A brand new level playing field for everyone.
[00:59] Players have to complete a small miniquest in Port Sarim after the invasion there.
[01:03] Once you've gathered a crew and a boat, players can visit any of the first three islands that we are releasing with the Arc update.
[01:09] Those islands are Whale's Maw, Waiko and Aminishi.
[01:13] First of all, we'll talk about Waiko.
[01:15] Waiko is the main trading hub and where you'll encounter most of the economy for the Arc islands.
[01:22] There's loads of NPCs going about their daily tasks.
[01:25] There are plenty of traders there willing to give you quests, contracts,
[01:30] and just general tasks to do around the Arc.
[01:33] And then we have Whale's Maw.
[01:35] It's a small sandy island located in prime fishing waters,
[01:39] so naturally you'll find characters like the whaler there.
[01:43] Fishing and hunting are your best skilling opportunities on this island.
[01:47] And finally, there's Aminishi, a Slayer-based island,
[01:51] filled with monks who are trying to attain different levels of enlightenment and become more challenging as they do.
[01:56] Once the monks have ascended to their elemental form, they must then reach spirit dragon form.
[02:02] Rumours say that there is another final form after that, but no one's really lived to tell the tale.
[02:08] Not only have we designed and created these three huge islands for the players to explore,
[02:15] on top of that we've got a procedurally generated randomised island system.
[02:21] We call this system "The Uncharted Isles".
[02:24] In order to sail to the uncharted isles, you need supplies.
[02:27] Different voyages cost different amounts of supplies.
[02:30] In order to get supplies, you trade in chimes that you've gathered from skilling around the Arc, in Waiko.
[02:36] On these islands you can find some awesome resources that are a much higher tier than the ones you naturally find on the Arc islands.
[02:42] You can also find various creatures and enemies that don't really like your presence there.
[02:48] One of the coolest things that we like about the uncharted isles is, if you find an island that you really like,
[02:54] it's got ideal resources, it's got some really cool animals on it, and you really like the shape,
[02:59] you can place a flag to claim it as your own.
[03:02] This means that you can return to the island whenever you like
[03:05] to take advantage of the resources there or just to bask in the beauty.
[03:09] One of the benefits to claiming these islands is that you can customise them
[03:13] with various objects, various skilling locations and cool decorations.
[03:18] A couple of examples of these are the hammock,
[03:20] that you can place down and change the time of day by taking a nap,
[03:23] and also the Maui head, which you can get from completing a miniquest.
[03:27] There's also a slightly random event system that we've created involving messages in a bottle
[03:32] which lead to special islands that you can find castaways on.
[03:35] I won't say much more about that.
[03:37] The uncharted isles and the Arc in general are all about exploration
[03:41] and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the players react to the beautiful environment created by our art team.
[03:46] With this project we've been able to go super bright, super colourful,
[03:50] and make it take reference from Polynesian islands, Japanese and Chinese mythology,
[03:57] and really create something that's like, bright and fresh and new.
[04:01] For this update, one of the main challenges was building these new environments
[04:06] that would be unlike anything you've seen before in RuneScape.
[04:08] And so lots of the architecture, lots of the creatures,
[04:12] lots of the environments and the skyboxes are all made brand new for the Arc.
[04:18] Once we'd built our very first Waiko map and were able to walk around,
[04:22] we realised that the one thing that was really missing from the atmosphere was audio.
[04:26] So we needed some brand new music and sound effects.
[04:29] For the Arc we wanted to do something completely bespoke,
[04:32] something very different from all other areas of RuneScape.
[04:36] Musically it has got a very Polynesian feel, because the area's very bright and colourful.
[04:41] So we've worked with guitars and ukuleles, lots of assorted percussion, cajons,
[04:47] and a whole choir of voices from Jmods as well.
[04:52] So we've got some, like, pretty little songs in there as well.
[05:18] So when you come to Waiko, the sound will really come alive.
[05:21] There's new instrumentation, new dynamic sound effects that affect the day/night systems.
[05:27] And I think we've done something quite different there. So come along and have a listen.
[05:32] All members can access the Arc region, but in order to fully engage with the content
[05:36] I recommend being at least 90 in certain port skills.
[05:39] In terms of rewards that you can obtain throughout the Arc, you can trade in chimes for an awesome spirit dragon pet,
[05:46] a best in slot tier 85 spear, an assortment of trading improvements for the Waiko trading system,
[05:52] and a huge choice of customisations for your claimed island.
[05:56] Everything we've talked about so far will be coming out on the 25th of July,
[06:01] but this only represents half of the Arc islands.
[06:04] In October this year we'll be delivering the final batch, completing the rest of the Arc islands,
[06:10] delivering brand new miniquests, brand new skilling activities and completing the whole Arc region.
[06:16] And we'll be back next week with an awesome trailer for the Arc.