Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #200 - Port Sarim Invasion, outtakes

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 200 : The Port Sarim Invasion

[00:12] On the 18th of May 2012 we launched our first RuneScape behind the scenes video.
[00:18] Since then on a weekly basis many faces have brought to you all of the latest news
[00:21] and exclusive behind the scenes content.
[00:24] And now more than fifteen hundred days later we bring you our 200th episode!
[00:31] In this week’s episode Mods Rowley and James H are here with all the details of the Port Sarim Invasion.
[00:38] Over to you chaps!
[00:41] Next week we’re releasing the Invasion of Port Sarim
[00:43] which is a mix of a graphical rework of Port Sarim with an event similar in vain to the Falador Invasion from last year.
[00:52] For the event we’ve got a Skulls pirate by the name of Jed who has stolen a boat from one of the people in Port Sarim.
[00:58] After foiling Jed’s plans in Mega May he’s now back to try and steal some more prisoners.
[01:02] There’s going to be cannon fire on the jail, areas have been completely destroyed.
[01:06] Now that Jed has returned it’s up to you to help defend Port Sarim against his attacks.
[01:11] With this invasion you’ll have the chance to train up to six different skills by helping repair the jailhouse.
[01:17] You can smith cannon balls for smithing XP, make black powder for herblore XP,
[01:22] you can repair the lighthouse walls for construction or crafting XP
[01:25] and you can also fire the cannon back at Jed if you wish for firemaking or ranged XP.
[01:31] One of the things that the jail guards want you to do Is to fend off the Skulls landing parties so there’ll be plenty of combat there.
[01:37] As with the invasion of Falador these NPCs will scale to your levels and the combat is not safe so be very careful.
[01:44] As well as the event we’re also including a permanent piece of content
[01:49] which will be the first miniquest for the tales of the Arc.
[01:53] This first one in Port Sarim is called ‘Impressing the Locals’
[01:55] and it’s about the player building up their crew so that they’re prepared and ready to go to the Eastern Lands.
[02:01] Completion of this miniquest will be the one and only requirement for players to be able to visit the Arc.
[02:07] But a crew can’t be a crew of course without a ship so we’re also having a multiplayer ship building event
[02:13] in a similar vain to the ‘Lost Sword of King Raddalin’ that came out with the invasion of Falador
[02:18] and also the events leading up to the release of God Wars Dungeon 2.
[02:22] Thanks to Jed trying to destroy Port Sarim we thought it would be good to give it a new lick of paint as well
[02:26] so Port Sarim now comes with a graphical update.
[02:29] You’ll notice a lot of new buildings, brand new shiny ships and there’s even some ships that are on fire.
[02:35] The pub is now constructed out of a boat, and there’s also a new smithy.
[02:40] The event is open to all players, free and members alike and there are no skill requirements.
[02:45] The only requirement is for membership in order to complete the miniquest.
[02:50] You can get rewards in six skills for taking part in the actual activities.
[02:54] There’s also the chance to convert your tokens into caches for a chance to gain XP lamps in any of the twelve port skills.
[03:02] Some Ports re-rolls tokens, some resource packs as well as some cool cosmetic overrides
[03:08] including a cape, an Oar weapon override and a head over override.
[03:12] And there’s also a reward If you complete the ‘Tales of the Arc’ miniquest where you can get a new animation.
[03:18] The Invasion of Port Sarim is the event that kicks off the entire narrative for the Arc
[03:23] and you should come along to get some nice XP rewards and some cosmetic overrides
[03:27] and also to complete the miniquest so that you’re ready to set sale for the Arc in two weeks’ time.
[03:34] We’ll be hoisting the sails in next week’s behind the scenes as we set sail for the Eastern Lands.
[03:39] And now in celebration of our 200th episode we present to you a montage of our JMods at their best.