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Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #1 - Queen Black Dragon!

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:00] [Music]
[00:05] hello and welcome to the very first
[00:08] runescape behind-the-scenes video update
[00:10] each week we'll be bringing you the
[00:12] latest details of the hottest runescape
[00:14] content to come this week we've got a
[00:16] first look at the long awaited queen
[00:18] black dragon content update set to
[00:21] strike fear into the heart of the
[00:22] hardiest adventurer this members update
[00:25] comes in two parts bringing a mysterious
[00:27] new quest to runescape and the multi
[00:29] level training dungeon in part one and
[00:31] in the week that follows a fearsome
[00:33] high-level encounter with the Queen
[00:35] Black Dragon herself legend tells that
[00:38] this formidable beasts which created
[00:40] thousands of years ago by the powerful
[00:41] dragon king race then sealed sleeping
[00:44] underground your journey towards the
[00:47] truth about the Queen black dragon
[00:49] begins with a simple quest from a
[00:50] remington villager desperate to learn
[00:52] why her husband and other village folk
[00:55] aren't waking up from their dreams as
[00:58] you start to unravel the mystery you'll
[01:00] find your way back to the Queen black
[01:01] dragons resting place the cave entrance
[01:03] is being guarded by a small camp of
[01:06] white knights from falador who have set
[01:08] up base to investigate go through the
[01:10] entrance and you'll finally be on your
[01:12] way to facing off against the Queen
[01:14] herself this new training dungeon is
[01:16] split into three levels each more
[01:18] dangerous than the last to make it
[01:21] through the dungeon alive you'll need to
[01:23] take on the caves dangerous inhabitants
[01:25] waves of ever more formidable enemies
[01:27] will be looking to stop you in your
[01:28] tracks as you descend deeper on your way
[01:31] to your goal waiting for you at the
[01:33] bottom of the dungeon is a portal the
[01:35] only thing that stands between you and a
[01:37] fearsome confrontation with the Queen
[01:39] black dragon it's not a battle for the
[01:42] faint of heart
[01:43] we recommend a combat level of over 120
[01:46] to even stand a chance and you also need
[01:48] a summoning level of 60 to pass through
[01:50] and take on the challenge the Queen
[01:52] Black Dragon will be the largest and
[01:54] strongest dragon ever seen in runescape
[01:56] and is in fact the biggest creature in
[01:59] all the land beyond the portal lays the
[02:02] vast underground lake which has been the
[02:04] queen black dragons prison for thousands
[02:06] of years for Dragon King artifacts lined
[02:08] the floor keeping the Queen in her
[02:10] eternal state of slumber it's a huge
[02:12] arena and
[02:13] it needs to be to fit the queen in with
[02:15] precarious platform surrounding the
[02:17] impressive beast it's the setting for
[02:19] one of RuneScape's most epic encounters
[02:21] yet you'll be face to face with the
[02:23] queen who has two brand new attacks time
[02:26] stop and fire wave successful Adventure
[02:29] Earth can look forward to some juicy
[02:30] loot once the q biddies reign is over in
[02:33] particular there's something a bit
[02:34] special for those of you looking to add
[02:36] to your dragon item set as well as a new
[02:39] passive damage reduction buff there's
[02:41] much more but you'll just have to get
[02:43] stuck into this latest content update to
[02:45] find out what that's all from this
[02:47] update or behind the scenes next week
[02:49] we've got news on cryptic clue fest for
[02:51] and the first glimpse of something very
[02:53] special
[02:54] the combat rework so until next time bye
[02:57] [Music]