Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #19 - Two new quests, One new City!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] Behind the Scenes
2 Quests, 1 New City!
[00:05] Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough are two new quests
[00:09] that take place in the freshly reimagined Al Kharid.
[00:12] This week, Behind the Scenes talks to the Senior Narrative Designer, the Head of Audio
[00:16] and RuneScape's Lead Designer to find out more.
[00:19] So we've never ever released two quests at the same time before
[00:23] and we decided that it was particularly important to do it this time.
[00:26] You've got to remember that it's a massive rework to Al-Kharid.
[00:28] It's a huge, huge piece of content that we're adding to the game.
[00:33] The first quest is free-to-play. It's called Stolen Hearts.
[00:35] And the second quest is a direct continuation to
that called Diamond in the Rough, that's for members.
[00:42] Stolen Hearts begins in Draynor Village.
[00:44] In part this was because we are removing Price Ali Rescue as a quest.
[00:49] It was a nice place to start the quest in order to pay homage to the original
[00:54] but very much it moves into new Al-Kharid.
[00:58] The second quest, Diamond in the Rough actually takes players then into the desert
[01:01] and is more of an introduction to the desert and desert lore and mythology.
[01:06] The Ozan quest and Al-Kharid in general has been a huge undertaking for the audio team.
[01:10] Everybody in the team has been working on it and we've put all new sound effects in,
[01:14] we've worked on a lot of atmospheres.
[01:17] Musically, we've written a huge amount of music; over an hour and quarter of new material.
[01:21] As you go through the gates of Al-Kharid
[01:23] we wanted to make it feel really vibrant and alive and
[01:27] really feel that hustle and bustle of a live city.
[01:34] Ozan comes from Al-Kharid where he grew up.
[01:37] He was originally banished from Al-Kharid for stealing gems
[01:40] which you find out in a lore which we're releasing a week before the quest
[01:43] and he grew up to become a thief; a noble thief,
[01:48] a roguish charmer who would steal things from other people
[01:51] just for the sake of stealing because he wanted to see if he could
[01:54] and then would often tell tales about it later.
[01:56] We've also got some new characters in there.
[01:58] Some of my favourites are: there's a guy called Khnum
[02:02] who is an old friend of Ozan's from when Ozan was a kid.
[02:06] And we've also included the Emir as an actual character in these quests now.
[02:10] Previously he's only ever been spoken about but he's always been absent from the game
[02:15] so it was a good opportunity to actually introduce him as a character.
[02:18] We've fully voiced the Ozan quests.
[02:20] We've got a lot of interesting characters in there and they've all got accents this time.
[02:25] I've also put a parrot in the palace called Khoochak.
[02:29] It was great fun working with the voice actor on that one because
[02:33] finding an actor who could do good parrot is really difficult
[02:36] and we found someone pretty good.
[02:38] (Squawks)
[02:43] It was important that the actor really got into
the role so he'd be making lots of bird noises,
[02:47] lots of squawks and ruffling his feathers and things like that.
[02:50] I think we're giving people more reason than ever to keep their sound turned on.
[02:54] The production values, you know, the level of polish that we
[02:57] associate with the of content that we produce these days
[03:00] is much higher than the content we made back in sort of 2002, 2003.
[03:05] It's just much better. It's a much better experience for the players
[03:09] and it really tells the story that we want to tell.
[03:12] Don't forget that the Ozan quest is the first quest we're introducing for the signature heroes.
[03:17] There will be more to come. We've got quests for Ariane,
[03:20] more content that's involving characters like the Raptor and Linza, and Xenia so
[03:26] all sorts of cool content surrounded around this group of characters
[03:31] and they'll certainly be playing a big part in the storylines to come.
[03:35] That's it from Behind the Scenes for another week.
[03:37] Next week there's something for those looking for some decent prayer XP
[03:41] as we celebrate a festival for the dead.