Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #199 - Setting sail for The Arc

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Hello. I'm Craig Ball and this year on Britain's Got Talent I got to the final.
[00:15] And I've been given the opportunity to do a special guest VO for Behind the Scenes for RuneScape.
[00:20] With Mod Mark off on his summer holidays,
[00:22] this week sees the return of RuneScape's most animated mouth.
[00:26] Osborne is back talking invasions, graphical reworks and a journey to uncharted lands.
[00:32] Pack your bags, salty sea dogs, as you're going to the Eastern Lands!
[00:36] An entirely new island chain in the Arc region, full of slayer dragons,
[00:41] top-tier resources and something new we're trying out,
[00:43] billions of islands to explore and claim.
[00:45] Find one you like, stick a flag in it, and it's yours forever.
[00:49] The entirety of July has an Eastern Lands theme
[00:52] and that starts with our first update, the Invasion of Port Sarim.
[00:55] This is an attack that's been building since May's Meg Cases, when you uncovered a plot to pilfer people
[01:00] and take them to the Eastern Lands.
[01:02] And on the 15th of July, these kidnappers will steal a ship off the coast of Port Sarim
[01:06] to send volley after volley of cannonballs into the town.
[01:09] No pirate, monk or seagull will be safe!
[01:11] Defend the town in an event similar to Invasion of Falador.
[01:14] Fire, fight and fortify to be rewarded with XP
[01:17] plus swathes of cosmetic rewards, like this cheeky oar override.
[01:20] The two-week event will be free-to-play and without any level requirements,
[01:24] so there's every reason to get your whiskers wet.
[01:26] As you've probably noted from these lovely shots, the Invasion of Port Sarim also comes with a graphical rework.
[01:31] Getting a boat to Entrana has never been so sexy.
[01:34] Next up, it's time to build a ship to the Eastern Lands and take the fight to the kidnappers.
[01:38] This is a community event in the same vein as Sword of Raddallin and the God Wars Encampment.
[01:43] Gain XP in different skills and boost them with golden tools you gain from Treasure Hunter.
[01:47] So now, with a boat built and a crew gathered, the way is clear.
[01:50] It's time to go to the Eastern Lands.
[01:52] And I have the pleasure of announcing that it is coming on the 25th of July.
[01:57] But what excites me most about the Eastern Lands is that this was an update decided by you.
[02:01] You came up with the idea on RuneLabs.
[02:03] You voted for it in a Player Power Poll.
[02:05] You contributed hundreds of ideas.
[02:07] Now, you get to explore your creation.
[02:09] And that really is the focus of the Arc region. Exploration!
[02:12] Explore billions of possible uncharted islands and find one for you.
[02:16] See what treasure chests, skilling resources or combat encounters are on that island and make a decision.
[02:21] Do you want to keep that island forever?
[02:22] If you do, you can stick a flag in it and it's yours.
[02:25] If you don't, then you can move on to the next one.
[02:27] You will also get to explore three larger islands, not random, but stuffed with things to do.
[02:31] As Waiko, which is the trade hub and offers some brand new skilling locations.
[02:36] Whale's Maw is a new Hunter and Fishing training area,
[02:38] while Aminishi is a grand temple dedicated to spirit dragons,
[02:41] a slayer monster with a shady secret.
[02:43] And you'll get four miniquests that will bring an end to the kidnappers that started all of this.
[02:47] Any RuneScape member can make the journey to the Eastern Lands, so make sure you pay a visit.
[02:51] Chartering a ship however to the Eastern Lands requires resources.
[02:54] And to get resources, you will need level 90 in Fishing, Hunter or Woodcutting.
[02:58] Make sure you have one of these if you want to claim your island.
[03:01] This July really is just the beginning, as we will travel further into the Eastern Lands in October, with chapter two of the Arc.
[03:07] And we should note a few more treats this month.
[03:09] On the 18th of July, the Invention Bonus XP amnesty lifts. What does that mean?
[03:13] Well, you can use quest XP, lamps, stars, Tears of Guthix and so many more in Invention.
[03:19] And Vic the Trader will be coming back in July,
[03:21] with the opportunity to trade any unwanted bonus XP for skilling outfits, starfire gear, slayer masks and more.
[03:26] Meanwhile flower outfits will be kicking off a new fae collection,
[03:29] and you can expect recolourable costumes and a unique teleport.
[03:33] So there we go! I'm sure you can see that we're planning to stuff so much into the month
[03:36] that if July was a boat, well, it would probably sink.
[03:40] Behind the Scenes will be back next week for our 200th episode!