Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #198 - Telos

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] In just a few weeks the Heart of Gielinor unleashes its newest and deadliest foe.
[00:16] Mods Ollie and Ramen are here with all the details.
[00:20] On the 27th of June we're releasing the new, biggest, baddest boss in RuneScape, Telos.
[00:26] As we know, an entrance to God Wars Dungeon 2 recently opened up in the middle of the desert
[00:30] and within it is contained the Heart of Gielinor.
[00:33] Now the war that rages on has woken up a great elemental knight
[00:37] who's trying to defend the life-source of the planet by eradicating all life on Gielinor.
[00:42] Unlike the other four God Wars bosses, this is a solo boss.
[00:45] The boss uses all forms of attack, ranged, magic and melee,
[00:49] and even uses very special powers to deal as much damage as he can towards you.
[00:53] It also uses a similar mechanic to Araxxi.
[00:56] So, as you go on and get more kills, the boss will get harder,
[00:59] making it more challenging and more rewarding as you go on.
[01:02] The design of this boss came about from a few different factors,
[01:05] two of which being the fact that he's defending the life-source of the planet.
[01:08] We've taken some inspiration from other anima-constructs like Vorago
[01:12] and designed this boss in a way that it looks like the anima has literally given life to the environment around it.
[01:18] And the other factor being that we have a new engine, NXT.
[01:21] So we wanted to go right into the core of the planet
[01:23] and explore what new things we can do with verticality.
[01:26] So you'll notice that we have multiple platforms for you to descend to
[01:29] and the boss increases in difficulty at each one
[01:32] until you get to the final point where you're literally in the Heart of Gielinor.
[01:36] As you go further down throughout the fight, Telos will start using more mechanics on you.
[01:40] The further you go down, the harder it's going to get.
[01:42] For the first couple of enrages, any armour out of God Wars 2 will really help you towards getting your first kills on Telos.
[01:49] But as it goes on, you're going to need that tier 90 power armour to start progressing.
[01:53] Using an enrage mechanic means we have to do a lot of balancing to get the scaling difficulty right,
[01:57] so we got players in to help us test it and iterate on it as much as possible.
[02:01] I think players will really enjoy Telos.
[02:03] It brings together some mechanics from old bosses
[02:06] such as Vorago and Araxxor and combines them into a new boss
[02:09] and brings in some new mechanics of its own.
[02:12] As the enrage increases, you're going to find it really difficult to get kills,
[02:16] but the rewards are great, so put the effort in and you'll get a good reward.
[02:20] We've got rewards related to each of the factions in God Wars Dungeon 2
[02:24] including a god sword, a god bow, a god staff and a brand new ability.
[02:29] And of course you're going to get your little friend, your boss pet.
[02:33] The reward mechanic we have for Telos is something we've never really done before.
[02:36] The more kills you chain up, the more rewarding the loot will be.
[02:39] If you get a nice drop, you can either claim it now
[02:42] or chain up some more rewards to have it even more rewarding.
[02:45] Telos is going to be an awesome boss because he builds on the lore
[02:48] that we've already established with God Wars Dungeon 2.
[02:50] We're also playing with verticality and making the most use out of the new NXT engine
[02:55] and we're sort of using gamified loot mechanics to reward you with these amazing new god weapons.
[03:00] It's going to be a really cool update.
[03:02] Fancy winning a brand new gaming laptop or your very own real life dragon claws?
[03:08] Head over to the website for more information.
[03:10] And we'll be back next week with an awesome trailer for the arrival of Telos.