Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #197 - Gower Quest

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 197: Gower quest

[00:11] With 2 weeks till the release of Gower quest we’re more than a little excited.
[00:15] This week the team talk to us about working alongside some true Runescape legends!
[00:22] Two weeks from now we’ll be releasing the Gower Quest, this is part of our 15th Anniversary Celebration
[00:26] and because it’s a quest we wanted to do something special so we got the Gowers in to collaborate with us.
[00:31] This all began at RuneFest 2015, the Gower brothers were present as guests of honour, part of the 15 years of RuneScape
[00:39] and as I understand it they got talking to Mod Mark and Mod Osborne about an anniversary quest.
[00:46] They put their heads together, the Gowers came into the office, there was brainstorming
[00:51] and they came up with a concept and a design overview in which they were characters in the game and quest givers.
[00:57] It was great to get the Gowers back in
[00:59] because as guest designers of the quest you could tell they hadnt had a chance to say goodbye to RuneScape.
[01:03] As the brainstorm went on it was clear that rather than all the Dragons, Elder Gods and Gods crashing about in the storyline,
[01:11] we wanted to go back to some of those earlier quests like the Cook's Assistant
[01:14] where the was a british sense of humour, a vibrant humour that they wanted to bring back and of course cabbages.
[01:20] I think there should be some cabbages in there.
[01:22] It's all coming back to the cabbages.
[01:25] Everything I do always includes cabbages.
[01:27] Cabbages is a key thing.
[01:30] I talked to Andrew and found out why cabbages were such a big thing for him
[01:33] and it turns out he actually hates cabbages, he really hates the taste of cabbages
[01:38] and this became a joke with the team (they would put cabbages around the building, that sort of thing)
[01:42] and just started to seep into the game so now it's a thing.
[01:48] The Quest starts at the world famous Gower farm south of Varrock.
[01:51] The Gower brothers who live there are cabbagemancers, wizards who work with cabbages.
[01:55] They are animating cabbages, bringing them to life and roleplaying with them because what else would they do?
[01:59] Unfortunately they’ve got a serious problem because their cabbage patch has stopped working
[02:03] and they can’t grow any new cabbages
[02:05] so they need you to help out and figure out why the cabbages aren’t growing.
[02:08] So you’re probably already thinking this is the most exciting story you’ve ever heard of
[02:11] but your quest to find out what happened to the cabbages will take you on a very strange and exciting adventure.
[02:16] The quest is filled with nostalgia and references to RuneScape’s past,
[02:19] the longer you’ve been around the more of them you should get.
[02:21] It was actually quite a challenge to bring the brothers to life in-game
[02:24] because obviously you want to make it look like the Gower brothers
[02:27] but also make it look like a RuneScape character as well.
[02:30] This was the first time we attempted to do anything like this in game before
[02:33] so it's all dependent on if it works or not, as long as you've got good reference material that's half the battle won.
[02:41] Luckily we've got a great group of modelers so we could liaise, work together
[02:44] and I think we've came up with a very good quest now.
[02:48] Towards the end of development we got the Gower brothers to play through the quest,
[02:51] to see themselves in game, give us their feedback and seek their seal of approval.
[02:58] Gower quest is a free-to-play quest at experienced difficulty level,
[03:01] it requires 34 quest points but it has no other requirements.
[03:05] For completing the quest you will receive 15 coins, the Brassica Prime Godsword override
[03:10] as well as the winner of the reward competition – the teleport override.
[03:15] This quest really harkens back to the days when the Gower brothers were at the helm.
[03:18] It’s got that classic RuneScape humour, those classic RuneScape puzzles
[03:22] and some of those RuneScape classic graphics.
[03:25] So while the Gowers as guest designers really saw this quest as a way of saying goodbye to RuneScape,
[03:29] i'm secretly hoping that we'll get to see them at RuneFest
[03:32] and maybe in five years time when celebrating twenty years of RuneScape we can get them in again.
[03:37] Next week it’s time to release our Gower Quest trailer, so expect cabbages aplenty.