Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #196 - Telos, Gower Quest and so many Cabbages

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] We have Invention additions, a new solo boss
[00:15] and cabbages coming to RuneScape this June.
[00:19] Here's Mod Mark with all the details.
[00:22] June is the beginning of a huge "Summer of Adventure".
[00:26] Three months crammed full of amazing content to suit everyone,
[00:31] from skillers to killers, questers to festers.
[00:34] It's a summer bursting with joy!
[00:36] If you're not a member right now, check out the great membership promotion
[00:40] to save yourself some cash.
[00:43] So what's the Summer of Adventure?
[00:45] Well, it's all about giving you what you want,
[00:49] celebrating the fantastic 15th year of RuneScape with brand-new iconic content,
[00:54] nostalgic nods to the past, exploring new parts of the game
[00:58] and embracing the power of NXT
[01:01] with beautiful additions to our rich expanding vibrant world.
[01:06] You'll take part in our brand-new hiscore tables,
[01:09] competing against friends and arch-nemeses alike for top-dog status.
[01:14] Everyone starts from zero and no bonuses are applied,
[01:18] so it's a great chance to show off your pure RuneScape skills and gains.
[01:22] And talking of gains, starting in June and lasting for the whole summer,
[01:27] you'll be able to use the Illumination aura.
[01:29] More powerful than before, this beauty grants a 10% XP boost when activated
[01:35] and occasionally jumps to a 100% bonus.
[01:38] Double XP for the win!
[01:40] I mentioned nostalgic and iconic content back there,
[01:44] and there's nothing more truly RuneScapey than the Gower brothers,
[01:47] the guys who first imagined this crazy world.
[01:50] To celebrate their amazing contributions over the years,
[01:54] we're adding them to the game in June and given them their own quest,
[01:57] one they directed themselves that showcases everything weird and wacky, especially cabbages.
[02:04] The quest is full of references to RuneScape's history, forgotten NPC backstories,
[02:10] old school puzzles and a very very strange world of looking at the way our world works.
[02:15] Also in June we're introducing our next ferocious boss monster,
[02:19] aimed squarely at the solo combat player.
[02:22] Due to the proximity of the raging battle in God Wars Dungeon 2,
[02:26] the perfect defence has awoken.
[02:29] Telos!
[02:30] Noisy neighbours are never a good thing,
[02:33] but this behemoth has a rage unlike any other.
[02:36] A rage that, if allowed, will make him the toughest boss on the planet.
[02:41] In its early form, players with decent gear, like the stuff obtained from God Wars Dungeon 2, should be able to take him down,
[02:48] but allowing its rage to grow is the key to unlocking all its greatest rewards.
[02:53] Elsewhere, our ninjas have been doing some summer adventuring themselves,
[02:58] exploring tier 90 armours, defenders and a range of other high-level big-hitting equipment and made them augmentable.
[03:06] Thanks, ninjas!
[03:08] We're also releasing the armour of seasons,
[03:11] your chance to complete your seasons gear set with some great-looking themed pieces.
[03:16] You can collect the resources necessary through Firemaking, Woodcutting, Herblore and Farming
[03:21] and combine the rewards to create the fantastic finished set.
[03:26] The Gemerator is also appearing in Treasure Hunter,
[03:29] allowing you to generate new prizes and some gem-themed outfits,
[03:33] perfect for those who like a bit of razzle dazzle.
[03:36] Solomon's also got the perfect adventuring cosmetics for those of you who think there's a sting in your tail.
[03:43] Scorpion outfits await and some fearsome manticore weapon sets,
[03:47] embodying the animal theming for all combatants.
[03:51] And don't forget. All members over the summer also get regular tickets into our Summer Sweepstake,
[03:56] where you can earn some awesome prizes, including a trip to Jagex HQ.
[04:02] The summer of adventure awaits!
[04:04] Have fun. Wooters out.
[04:07] And there's more from Behind the Scenes and the rest of the team next week.
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[04:16] to stay up to date with all of the latest RuneScape news.