Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #195 - Kindred Spirits (Barrows Quest) & Invention Tech Trees

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Goblins, dwarves and monkey butlers.
[00:14] This week Mod Asherz explores another big Invention update.
[00:18] But first we take an always concerning look into the mind of Mod Raven
[00:22] for the next step in Sliske's Countdown.
[00:26] On the 23rd of May we'll be releasing Kindred Spirits, which is a dark humor quest.
[00:31] You'll learn more about the Barrows brothers.
[00:33] You'll learn some of their past. You'll learn about their motivations.
[00:36] You'll learn about them as people rather than strange undead monsters that you fight
[00:40] whilst undergoing some particularly challenging situations for each of them.
[00:45] You'll have a series of puzzles to complete, lots of lore to discover.
[00:50] And you'll learn more about Sliske, his motivations and indeed a build-up to the endgame itself.
[00:56] The Barrows brothers are being forced to undergo certain scenarios,
[01:01] challenges and games, if you will, by an unknown individual.
[01:05] These will test their ability to endure as well as their moral fiber
[01:11] and the player will be assisting them in these games.
[01:15] This is a dark and twisted quest with undertones of humour throughout.
[01:21] You start this quest by speaking to Linza, who is near the smithy in Burthorpe.
[01:24] To start the quest you'll need level 60 in Herblore, Agility, Crafting and Smithing,
[01:29] and you'll also need to have completed Missing Presumed Death.
[01:33] So after completing some of these devilish challenges not only will you be gifted with a plethora of lore,
[01:39] you'll also get experience of about 25,000 in Crafting, Smithing, Herblore and Agility.
[01:45] You'll also have access to a new Barrows fight
[01:48] and upon completing that you will have a chance to acquire a piece of the new tier 80 Barrows set,
[01:54] which is fully augmentable.
[01:56] This quest is full of dark humor so it's a return to that comedy
[02:00] that's been missing for a bit from recent quest lines.
[02:03] It's full of juicy information about Sliske, about the Barrows brothers.
[02:08] And it's also got puzzles for you to complete,
[02:12] some of which will test your moral fiber and your moral compass,
[02:15] which, if you're anything like us, is out the window entirely.
[02:18] Next week sees the release of the revamped tech trees for Invention.
[02:22] This will allow you to go down two separate tech trees in parallel with one another.
[02:27] And alongside we've also released a bunch of new devices.
[02:31] The player needs to be at least level 40 in Invention to gain access to the tech trees.
[02:37] You'll find access to these on the notice board inside the Invention guild,
[02:43] also next to Oldak in the Dorgesh-Kaan area,
[02:48] and also Drorkar in Keldagrim.
[02:51] Some of the new devices that are coming out are two variations of the cannon,
[02:56] one of them being melee related and the other being magic.
[02:59] We also have a sprinkler which sits in a flower patch and will water your allotments
[03:05] And we also have the mind-controlled monkey butler known as Steve.
[03:09] If you want to try out all of these new devices, head down to the Invention Guild and get building!
[03:14] Do not forget this weekend is all about that extra Dungeoneering XP and Raids Reputation!
[03:20] So, do not miss out!
[03:22] Next week it's time for something dark and disturbing with the release of our Kindred Spirits trailer.