Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #194 - Boss Pet Overrides and Meg-a May

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] We have Mod Ramen here this week with the long-awaited boss pets overrides.
[00:16] But first here's Detective Timbo with May's sleuth-iest update.
[00:21] Earlier this week we launched Mega-May.
[00:23] Meg, your friendly resident adventurer, has decided to open her private investigation services under the name of Megatha Christie.
[00:30] Each day a new case unlocks for you to go and solve.
[00:32] These cases range from finding different missing people,
[00:35] finding people's missing items and there's even some lost pets in there as well.
[00:39] There's also some of our May weekends you can go enjoy.
[00:41] We have things like port skills, dungeoneering and raids, PvM and minigames weekends.
[00:47] There's a huge amount of rewards for completing Mega May.
[00:49] After completing five cases you'll unlock Sockey-McGee, which is a new sock puppet.
[00:53] After ten cases you will unlock some rewards for ports.
[00:56] After completing fifteen cases you'll unlock a fedora and trench coat private investigator's outfit.
[01:01] After completing twenty cases you'll unlock a Turoth pet called Sockroth, who's wearing different types of socks.
[01:06] After completing twenty-five cases you'll get a large prismatic lamp and a large prismatic star.
[01:11] After completing thirty cases you'll get a huge prismatic star and a huge prismatic lamp.
[01:15] To start Mega May you can go to the Player Owned Ports in Port Sarim.
[01:19] We've opened it up to all, including free players,
[01:21] so everyone can now access the Player Owned Port and talk to Meg in there.
[01:24] Alternatively you can click on Meg's face,
[01:26] which is a button now like the Treasure Hunter icon, and you can access it from there.
[01:29] There are no requirements to take part in Mega May.
[01:31] Free players, members, and there are no skill requirements in any of the cases.
[01:34] This runs from the 3rd of May all the way through to the 16th of June
[01:38] so you have plenty of time to go solve all those problems in Gielinor.
[01:42] On Monday RuneScape sees an addition to its familiar override system,
[01:46] allowing you to override any familiar you summon with any boss pet you've earned throughout the game.
[01:51] Boss pet overrides has been a massively requested update for the last year since familiar overrides has been out.
[01:56] Initially we were going to release this update in batches
[01:59] but instead we've done all the pets that contribute towards the insane final boss title.
[02:04] Players will be able to activate any of the boss pet overrides if they already have one unlocked.
[02:08] If you don't, you're going to need to go to the boss and unlock the pet.
[02:11] First of all, players will need a familiar summoned.
[02:13] Then they can go into their pet interface,
[02:15] choose the pet they would like to override and click "Override my familiar".
[02:20] Then you will have access to your lovely boss pet.
[02:23] This is a fantastic update for all those who have hunted them illusive boss pets.
[02:27] Finally you'll be able to override your familiars.
[02:31] Don't forget if you're still not quite able to access ports,
[02:34] then this weekend is the one for you with bonuses to all ports skills.
[02:39] Next week we're looking at Kindred Spirits, the next step in Sliske's Countdown
[02:44] and your chance to finally discover more about the Barrows Brothers.