Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #193 - Kindred Spirits, Barrows

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] It's going to be a Mad May in Gielinor this year with daily events,
[00:15] Invention tech trees, duelling and the next chapter in Sliske's Countdown.
[00:20] Over to you, Mod Mark!
[00:22] Every day this month has a brand-new adventure for you! That's right!
[00:26] Each day brings a new challenge filled with mystery and intrigue,
[00:30] with missing people, stolen items and menacing foes, you'll need your wits about you
[00:35] as you piece together the clues to help some of RuneScape's most beloved characters.
[00:40] Meg has started out as a private investigator
[00:43] and she needs you to tackle the most challenging of her new jobs.
[00:47] With a great mix of comedy, sleuthing and pure madness,
[00:52] it's a great way to earn some much needed XP and some crazy new rewards,
[00:56] like sock puppets, trench coats and a very very strange new pet.
[01:02] In addition, each weekend in May has some special events going on,
[01:06] focusing on Player Owned Ports, bosses, minigames and Dungeoneering, just to name a few.
[01:11] So it's the perfect time to work on some of those bigger challenges that you've set for yourselves.
[01:16] The Minigames Weekend is a great time to explore our graphically updated Void Knight Outpost too.
[01:22] It really looks special, particularly with the power of NXT behind it.
[01:27] If you've not yet experienced the joys of Player Owned Ports,
[01:30] running your own fleet of ships and cutthroat crew, May is the time to do it,
[01:35] with bonus voyages and rewards on offer over the special Ports Weekend,
[01:40] and other maritime bonuses on offer throughout the month.
[01:44] The investigative skills you learned working with Meg will be very useful to you
[01:49] as you take on this month's quest, Kindred Spirits.
[01:53] It's the latest part in Sliske's Countdown.
[01:56] This quest takes on a more personal note as we reveal some of the fascinating backstory
[02:01] of some of my favourite characters, the Barrows Brothers and Sliske himself, the master of shadows.
[02:08] His secrecy, riddles, and downright dodginess can perplex even the sharpest of minds.
[02:15] There's plenty of dark humour and surprises along the way, not least the long-awaited reveal
[02:20] of the Barrows sister that we spoke about way back at RuneFest.
[02:26] We're adding ten new technologies this month to the Invention skill,
[02:30] bringing new goblin and dwarf technology to your workbench,
[02:33] including two new explosive cannon variants.
[02:37] With them we're bringing some changes to the way that the tech trees work,
[02:41] providing new task-related gameplay within Invention,
[02:45] giving you more focus as you train the skill.
[02:48] The ninjas are always listening and planning their next move
[02:53] and this time we're bringing back an old favourite from classic days,
[02:57] the ability for you to have fun duels anywhere you like!
[03:00] There's no staking, just fun! So get stuck in!
[03:04] In other news, we're bringing you the rather spiffing camouflage set,
[03:08] the latest and greatest in Thieving apparel,
[03:11] offering bonuses on all sorts of Thieving-related activities.
[03:15] There's protean memories to help out with your divination training
[03:18] and we've got a new outfit on Solomon's Store called the manticore set,
[03:23] featuring lion and griffon finery.
[03:25] And finally...
[03:27] We've got something in mind for all of you who've worked hard and earned those elusive boss pets.
[03:34] I hope you enjoy it.
[03:35] Have fun. Wooters out.
[03:38] If you want to be in for a chance to win your very own life-sized Crystal Halberd,
[03:43] click on the link below to find out more.
[03:45] And we'll be catching up with the ninjas next week to find out more about May's mad antics.