Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #192 - The Abridged Vampyres

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]



[00:11] Warning! You are now entering a spoiler-filled area! Please proceed with caution!
[00:16] And now that we've got that bit out of the way, RuneScape's very own lore hound Mod Osborne is here with a recap of everything vampyre.
[00:24] To many of you, April is all about sunny skies and the promise of spring, but to us it's about a river of blood.
[00:31] This is the final quest in vampyre series and it's coming to you at the end of the month.
[00:36] And if you haven't played the vampire quests, now is the time to do it.
[00:39] But, for those who want a recap on the story so far, we have a treat.
Be prepared. It's about to get loresome.
[00:45] Thousands of years ago, Morytania looked very different.
[00:48] It was a serene land called Hallowvale, ruled by the angel-like icyene Queen Efaritay.
[00:52] But peace never lasts long in Gielinor.
[00:55] Zamorakians invaded, pushing the Saradomin forces back towards the River Salve.
[00:59] Efaritay went missing and Lord Drakan and his vampyre family claimed the throne.
[01:03] And they renamed the land Morytania.
[01:05] Centuries of war later, seven priestly warriors made a stand.
[01:09] They used their power to bless the Salve and prevent the darkness from spilling back into Misthalin.
[01:14] Morytania became a lost cause.
[01:16] But not everyone got out of Morytania in time.
[01:18] Entire townships became blood tides.
[01:20] But, while none could defeat the vampyres, a few could resist them.
[01:24] These freedom fighters were the Myreque
[01:26] and they took inspiration from the seven priestly warriors to stand against the Zamorakians.
[01:31] That was until their secret base was discovered by a vampire named Vanstrom, who forced them into hiding.
[01:36] A new base was built in Burgh De Rott and an effort was made to reconnect with another Myreque cell in Meiyerditch.
[01:42] It was here that you uncovered a new revelation.
[01:44] A few of the dark inhabitants of Morytania had found a way to cross the River Salve.
[01:49] The sister of Lord Drakan, Vanescula, attempted to contact Safalaan, the leader of the Meiyerditch Myreque.
[01:54] She proposed an alliance.
[01:56] Together, you would kill the vicious Vanstrom, who had plagued the Myreque.
[02:00] She, in turn, would be placed at the head of the Drakan family,
[02:03] where she could be sympathetic to humans.
[02:06] And with her help, you infiltrated Darkmeyer and discovered the last Blisterwood tree.
[02:10] This wood could be crafted into a weapon that could defeat Vanstrom.
[02:14] Before he died at your hands, he revealed that Safalaan was half-icyene and the son of Queen Efaritay.
[02:19] Only one more vampyre stood in the way of the plan: Lord Drakan himself.
[02:23] But, by a twist of fate, Drakan had called a meeting on the rooftop of his castle.
[02:27] This seemed like the opportunity you had been waiting for, but Drakan was one step ahead.
[02:32] He uncovered the ruse, threw you into the cells of Castle Drakan and watched as you escaped.
[02:37] You and the Myreque were hunted, picked off one by one.
[02:40] But he had not anticipated your strength and he was ultimately defeated.
[02:45] It was at this point that Vanescula chose to unveil the full breadth of her plan.
[02:49] She killed Safalaan and would use his Saradominist blood to bring the vampyres across the Salve.
[02:54] And, once in Misthalin, Vanescula would use all of humanity to feed her vampire army.
[03:00] And that, my friends, is where River of Blood begins.
[03:04] Next week sees the release of the new RuneScape game client NXT,
[03:08] so make sure you head over to the RuneScape website for more information.
[03:12] Behind the Scenes is also taking a week off
[03:15] but never fear because instead you get to see a brand-new trailer for the epic quest River of Blood.