Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #191 - Morytania Madness & River of Blood

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:10] birds are singing and summer is just
[00:13] around the corner but unfortunately
[00:15] things aren't quite so sunny for the
[00:17] inhabitants of Mauritania as this week
[00:19] we're talking about a whole host of
[00:21] vampire inspired updates so April is
[00:25] vampire month and guardians are
[00:27] delivering two projects we've got the
[00:28] quest at the end of the month but we
[00:30] wanted to kick off on Monday the 11th
[00:32] with our pre release content coming off
[00:34] the back of Lord of vampyre iam we
[00:35] wanted to pay our respects to the fallen
[00:39] comrades you have in the maraki freely
[00:41] ever went AWOL at the end of the
[00:43] previous quest and he's actually
[00:44] surfaced again north of kenna phase
[00:46] where he's looking to build a memorial
[00:48] to his fallen comrades so the way the
[00:50] statues work is that each day that you
[00:52] log in philly app will have built a new
[00:55] statue plinth for you and you can build
[00:57] an actual statue of a maraca member on
[00:59] top of that and also then he'd want you
[01:01] to add an objective reverence to them so
[01:04] something that kind of encompasses that
[01:06] character's personality there's some
[01:08] construction XP in it for each statue
[01:10] that you build plus and pro XP when you
[01:11] pay respect once you finish building the
[01:14] entire thing it would also acts as a
[01:16] prayer altar which gives a nice little
[01:17] buff so we've also added a treasure
[01:20] hunter tomorrow taenia you'll be able to
[01:22] talk to a new apt in Canada's pub who
[01:25] has lost some toys you'll be able to go
[01:27] exploring across all of Mauritania and
[01:29] hunt for all 13 of his lost vampire
[01:32] plushy toys for every plushie you return
[01:35] you'll be able to unlock a columbarium
[01:37] key and be able to go and get more to
[01:38] map also find all 13 you'll be able to
[01:41] unlock a brand new cosmetic override one
[01:44] other thing we've done is we've built a
[01:45] new underground crypt area which is
[01:47] connected to the memorial area and the
[01:50] slant our and in that we've added a new
[01:52] type of high level goal called a
[01:54] ravenous goal these ravenous goals will
[01:56] be a really good npc to kill for a new
[01:59] drop that we're adding to called
[02:00] congealed blood we're not going to give
[02:02] away all of the secrets of congealed
[02:03] blood just yet so you may want to start
[02:06] collecting it early so we thought we'd
[02:08] we put
[02:08] there with the pre-release one of the
[02:15] things we really wanted to do with river
[02:17] of blood was to kind of pay homage to
[02:19] the series as a whole so we have
[02:21] elements in there from branches of dal
[02:24] Myron Lord of vampyre iam they're quite
[02:25] cinematic and bombastic and very combat
[02:28] heavy but we were also got an element of
[02:31] the first of all question this areas
[02:32] which were more about exploration in
[02:35] mauritania uncovering its hidden history
[02:37] and finding things out about the past
[02:39] that maybe weren't how you thought they
[02:41] were this is the culmination of the
[02:43] maraki series the maraki organization
[02:46] managed strike many blows against the
[02:48] drew can't family but their struggle is
[02:51] over van a scooter was taken command of
[02:53] the vampire nation and she is built up
[02:55] an army they are ready to cross the
[02:57] south and they are headed to mr. Lin so
[02:59] we've never seen ground armies assembled
[03:01] before we wanted to set the scene of a
[03:04] grand epic army and the NXT engine gives
[03:08] us a fantastic opportunity to do this so
[03:11] when the Guardians team first took on
[03:13] the rivers of blood quest we knew that
[03:15] pattered Emma's temper was going to
[03:16] feature heavily for where vanessa killer
[03:18] would assemble her army and we agreed
[03:20] unanimously that we wanted to do a
[03:21] graphical update of this area and not
[03:23] Alex's done a fantastic job he's made
[03:26] the temple grandeur we've got brand new
[03:28] stained glass windows and this is a
[03:30] fantastic new hub location for the quest
[03:32] I would encourage everyone to play it in
[03:34] NXT you can stand on top of the
[03:36] brand-new watchtower and look out across
[03:38] Mauritania you can see the Slayer tower
[03:40] and cannabis and the brand new river
[03:43] which is where the finale of the quest
[03:44] will take place the quest begins in
[03:46] Brock palace by talking to King rolled
[03:48] and his advisor a on his ink the
[03:50] requirements for the quest are obviously
[03:52] to have completed Lord of emperium as
[03:54] well as defender of varrock and all
[03:56] fired up and in terms of skills we have
[03:58] herb law and constitution level 80
[04:00] attack ranged and magic at 78 by making
[04:03] 76 fletching 75 and 72 in mining and
[04:07] then in terms of rewards we have these
[04:10] new items called blood essences which a
[04:12] kind of like defensive variants of the
[04:15] god books and there'll also be a weapon
[04:17] reward which is somewhat different from
[04:19] other weapons in the game but
[04:21] hopefully players are going to find
[04:22] really useful all of the past my key
[04:24] quests have been leading up to this
[04:26] point River blood is coming out on the
[04:28] twenty-fifth of April this is the finale
[04:30] of the entire Mikey series there are
[04:33] still secrets to be unlocked across
[04:35] mauritania the player is going to have
[04:37] to uncover them if they want to stop the
[04:39] nest EULA with river of blood just
[04:42] around the corner next week models born
[04:44] opens up his big book of law to catch us
[04:47] up on all things vampire