Transcript of RuneScape Behind the Scenes #190 - April Fools

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] Behind The Scenes

  1. 190: April's updates

[00:11] We’ve got a pretty whacky month this april, mounts, virtual reality and giant cabbages. Over to you Mod Mark!
[00:18] Hello noobs!
[00:20] Are you hungry to find out what we’ve got in store for you this April? Drum roll please!
[00:28] For the past 18 months, our development team have been working in secret to bring you the most anticipated update of all time
[00:37] Yes, that’s right, mounts are making their way to Gielinor!
[00:41] We’ve listen to your whining on the forums and we know that you lot can’t even be bothered to walk to your favourite scamming spots.
[00:48] Just pop along to Solomon’s store and get your free mount right away!
[00:54] Whilst it starts pretty basic, there’s plenty of upgrade options for it too for those of you of level 121 hunter and above,
[01:02] like the 100 slot beast of burden upgrade, the “teleport anywhere you like” super extreme doohicky,
[01:08] 10x XP buff or the insta-kill PvP beak attack.
[01:13] Four years ago we developed JAGMotion but after extensive testing we came to the conclusion that this just wasn’t practical for RuneScape players,
[01:23] so this year we’re releasing something slightly more realistic called RuneVision.
[01:30] Using the latest in VR technology and haptic feedback you’ll now be able to experience all thrills, spills, bumps
[01:38] and cuts of a medieval fantasy life in the comfort of your own home.
[01:42] Fallen off an agility shortcut?
[01:44] You’ll experience that life point drain yourself, true immersion at you’re plugged in, lacerated fingertips.
[01:51] Why not actually learn to cook while training your cooking – just be careful not to get burned!
[01:56] Take on others in brutal Player vs Player action where you can literally feel your opponent’s fireballs slapping against you.
[02:05] As you can see, were still fixing some of the bugs in the PvP department.
[02:14] And as an extra incentive you’ll be able to earn bonds in our brand new “Bonds for bruises” scheme:
[02:20] an app that converts your pain into bonds or in game xp!
[02:24] As a special cross promotional update, both old school and RuneScape are doing some special cabbage themed updates this month,
[02:32] with unique golden cabbage bosses in the God Wars dungeon intent on ruining your day
[02:37] with their noxious aromas and tasteless temperament.
[02:40] Unique drops await, like the Savoyed Knight Equipment or the savage cabbage special attack!
[02:45] Also the merchandise store this month we’ve finally caved in to the 10’s of emails and tweets we’ve received
[02:53] requesting yours truly on your own t-shirt.
[02:57] Isn’t that probably the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen, apart from the original of course...?
[03:03] Look out in the future for your mod_mark socks, training weights and cutlery set!
[03:09] Have fun and welcome to April!
[03:11] Wooters out!
[03:13] Raise the anchor, hoist the main sail, next week we go sailing.